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Whenever I hear people say “Zelda is the character you play as” I want to slap them so bad. No Zelda is the PRINCESS. The character you play as is named Link

Author — Mandy


I like how it's called a "feminist" cafe instead of a "sexist" cafe. Smh

Prioritizing one sex over the other is the literal definition of sexism.

Author — Elijah Patterson


For those who are curious, male seahorses simply carry the seahorse eggs in a small pouch. The female still births the eggs, but they deposit them in the male's pouch

Author — Wolfbyte


8:32 Now this is OBVIOUSLY a horrible move from the dad, everyone can agree on that. However, I do really wish more doctors told you WHY you have to do/not do things. A lot of people, including myself, struggle to respect and follow unexplained rules. Still 100% blame the dad on that horrible incident and feel so sorry for the poor 3 year old, but uh… maybe a quick “She might vomit and inhale the vomit” could’ve shown that guy they weren’t “being hard on her.”

Author — Just a Random CQ & Jakei Fan


8:31 She got lucky. My brother worked at a hospital, and a guy that had bariatric surgery ate BEANS that his mother gave to him the next day of the surgery. He almost died, but the doctors were able to save his life. Then, when he was in his room, he complained he was hungry again to his mother, who gave him yogurt. He died after his stomach burst AGAIN. The mother was just trying to "comfort" her son who was hungry. Sorry lady, but you successfully committed a murder.

Author — Felipe Lovato


To make things worse, that donation of $5 per person is almost certainly an attempt to remove the locals' rights to sue the company for damages

Author — Destructocorps


14:20 fun fact about Finland, the fact that there are no homeless people actually made people more rich because the taxes used to support the homeless got cut meaning more money for the people. On top of that the formerly homeless now have the ability to support themselves meaning they actually contribute to society.

Author — FlameWolf


The dumbest thing about that pentagram belt thing is that even in the picture they use it looks like a 6 pointed star not a 5 pointed one.

Author — Cernan WinterFox


God, a transgender witch who is also a FAA-certified pilot sounds like one of the coolest people you could meet. I hope there’s actually somebody like that out there.

Author — ShootingStarNeo


Lets be honest wearing the bandana that Michael from the office wears is such a chad move

Author — Slasher Master


4:35 as someone who dropped out of school at the start of 10th grade, I can confirm. The school still regularly sends my mom "warnings" (or promises, or threats) that they will take legal action if my lunch debt is not paid off. It's like $11 dollars (of which I didn't even rack up, their garbage ass system fucked up and charged like 7 kid's lunch to my account), and they also regularly send me mail about a $200 dollar laptop repair fee from 9th grade that I need to pay. For My First Time Broken, Free Repair. That they Promised in the terms and services of using their required for school computers

Author — cupcake kitten


I suspect the reason the beekeeper doesn't give that neighbour any honey, has something to do with them being the sort who want's to sue over bee's "stealing their pollen".

Would YOU want to even interact with that sort of person? Never mind GIVE them something.

Author — RainMakeR


05:01 For people clutching their pearls over "bASiC biOLoGy", they seem to be the only people who don't know the *ONE FACT EVERYONE LEARNS ABOUT SEAHORSE BIOLOGY*

Author — Nadikarosuto Draws


Those weirdos yelling about Rihanna being "satanic" would find something to complain about even if the show had just been Creed reading lines from the Bible for three hours.

Author — Ryan McCarthy


The most cursed thing about that candle is not the fact they tried to light it on fire but instead that it takes C battery's.

Author — Erik Burzinski


11:06 I laughed so hard at the bees “STEALING the pollen or nectar” 😂 the bees are trespassing and stealing flowers!!! I can’t with this one. I’ll be laughing about this for a while. And I guarantee every time I see a bee from now on I’m going to think of bees “STEALING” the pollen.

Author — Lydia


I would like to thank the emkay and ezpz team, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to sleep at night every night. I love all the narrators' voices so much so that I can sleep to them.

Author — derpysnake


theres something about the brutal simplicity of someone texting their friend "did I leave my phone at your house" thats so funny

Author — The Letter S


About the person who ordered spike strips for their driveway: if they've already put up a "Private property: no trespassing" sign and people are STILL they're fully within their legal right to do that so long as the spike strips are entirely within their own property, and the liability falls entirely upon the trespasser. Like, there was a sign. You did not read the sign. It's your fault for not reading the sign. 🤷‍♀

Author — Calyo Delphi


Even in the blurred photo the buckle has six points. It’s a Star of David. Not that they’d feel that that’s any better.

Author — Camel Or caramel