Ovechkin snowed a kid on purpose

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Ovechkin snowed a kid on purpose 3

Ovechkin breaks in front at 0:13 of a kid on purpose during the third game of the playoffs vs the montreal canadiens 21 april 2010

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I would think it would be a honor to be snowed by ovi

Author — Jayden


I could get slapped by Ovechkin and I'd be honored

Author — StephXXVI


Okay, so Ovi snowed Brian Gionta. No big deal.

Author — ThatGuy1001000


You would get more likes and vies if you change the title to "Kid tried to stab Ovechkin!"

Ovie had to stop hard to avoid the flag.

Author — John Simpson


that kid will remember that moment for the rest of his life! Ovi is good in my books.

Author — D H


Man, thats a honour to be iced by him

Author — Hunter


I played hockey when I was this kids age...I would have thought that was the coolest thing that ever happened to me haha.

Author — Chris Thompson


you don't that it was on purpose ! It would be a honor to get snowed by Ovi.

Author — LaKesha Wyse


I'm sure ovie was just having fun, letting the kid have it...lol

Author — kayless :3 lol kayless


1.) hockey players snow shower friends all the time
2.) Alexander Ovechkin is a hockey God, that kid should be honored to be on the same ice as him, even if he's a Montreal fan.
3.) Alex was almost gonna get hit in the face by the flag, but sure, he could have just waited somewhere on ice or go on the other end of the bench
4.) Whose to say the kid is upset? He might not care?

Author — T Sparkman


I don't think he was doing anything. He was in a rush to get back on the bench before the Canadiens came out. Why would you even upload this...

Author — Parm Dhillon


You have no proof that this was on purpose.

Author — Jacob Erickson


He would have hit the flag. He just tried to avoid it

Author — TrickShotGaming94


Kids in africa couldve eaten that snow

Author — LemmingRush


If he did that to me I would have been honored

Author — [Insert Name Here]


Haha. Hey, that is something the kid will aways remember. "I was snowed by alexander ovechkin". Go Pens

Author — Dragoon590


@DanteSD17 Thank you! It was probably the greatest moment of this kid's life. People don't realize that Ovechkin is just a big kid, he's just joking around. Everyone needs to calm down

Author — AC123


@MrPhilAlmighty AND, it was on purpose!! OMG

Author — Jere Salomaa


@halburd1LovesPenis calm dude hahaha XD

Author — max432156


@13mazz13 Hahaha awesome! :D best "that's what she said" for this week!

Author — Aacckkee1