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DIY Bean | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official 4.5

Mr Bean gets out his tools!

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Look at the socially distant party seating, this man was ahead of his time

Author — Charan Vaghela


18:33 I've been confusing about why the audiences stop laughing when Mr Bean cuts Charles's head since I watched this for the first time to now.



Just realized that I have been laughing at a guy who has a sad life.

Author — Ubaid Allie


who else watching this during lockdown?

Author — IDILINA


Mr bean has such a sad life doesn’t he? He lives alone he writes himself a birthday card and everywhere he goes something goes wrong

Author — YatataUK


Let's be honest here, there's a little bit of Mr. Bean in all of us.

Author — Verum


Fact: Mr Bean consisted of only 15 episodes.
Me: Impossible. It felt like an eternity

Author — Vagia Siju


I laughed so hard at this when I was younger I thought I would laugh to death

Author — doggo boi


18:30 Diana's death was predicted by Mr. Bean

Author — Ridho Baihaqi


I love how he took the pen from the hotel 😂😂😂

Author — Yisroel Weiss


8:58 Poor, Mr. Bean. That was really mean and rotten of his party guests.

Author — Daniel Williamson


Never thought, back when I saw this episode first as a child on TV, that that 1993 calendar would ever hit me right in the feels...

Author — BloodyRain2k


If Prince Charles dies before his mom, I will immediately think about Mr Bean beheading him after Lady Di.

Author — Souf A2M


Mr. Bean makes my childhood so meaningful, exciting, knowledgeable, experiencing joyous in every moment of life. Thanks to Bean such kind of wonderfulness.

Author — Gurpreet Singh


Of all the childhood I watched Mr Bean, I finally got what the intro means. I used to think it was like a spotlight on which he is introduced, but it now seems more like he is dropped on the Earth from an alien spaceship. Maybe an alien abduction or he is in fact one of them. Also realized how lonely he is and how sad he looks.

Author — Suman Subedi


7:45 When Mr. Bean was left alone, *I felt that*.

Author — Balik Tanaw ni Emir / Emir's in Hindsight


Mr bean is was and always be the greatest comedian in the world i watch all his episodes but never get bored this means its amazing 🤗❤️

Author — Ankur Singer


Everytime I hear the theme song, I always feel like putting my hands together and pray. lol

Author — Yethboth


The Intro music still gives me the heart sinking feeling. It used to be the last show I was allowed to watch before bed on Sundays, knowing that school was the next day...

Author — Jase 87


I was surprised to see a box of Lapin Kulta, Finnish beer on that dude in the staircase.

Author — Tomi Haili