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How To Survive A Plane Crash | Minutes With | UNILAD 5

This is part of a brand new series for this channel called "Minutes With...". In each episode we'll sit down and talk to someone who has an interesting story to tell.

In this episode we hear from Jamie Hull, a former British serviceman. Jamie tells the incredible story of how he survived a plane crash when his cockpit caught fire at 1000ft.

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He had to land a plane while literally being burned alive. That alone is badass. He then had to jump out of the plane while it still was airborne, survive the jump and landing, then survive the plane explosion, then survive 63 operations. And after all that he's still good looking, eloquent, smart and well dressed. What a guy.

Author — Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central


When someone has a burned face / scar tissue, people and myself included may involuntarily stare or look. The next time I see someone with scars I'm going to remember that they're total badasses and probably survived something catastrophic and life threatening. And maybe, if I'm lucky I'll get to hear their story.

Author — AaronMetallion


And SINCE this crash, he's competed in the Race Across America, has hiked Mount Kilimanjaro, and has run 4 marathons

Author — Cal Skilsky


This guy had to literally stand on a burning jet, jump off like a real life James Bond mid-air, and get to the ground to be awarded a 2 million dollar bill from the US health Insurance.

Author — Cy Sep


This man literally jumped out of a plane while on fire, that’s the most badass thing I’ve ever heard

Author — Zentex


the reconstruction of his face is incredible.

Author — Dragonfoxgirl


He is still handsome, and how well spoken and smartly dressed makes him more attractive than a lot of guys these days!

Author — Phoebe


This man doesn't look normal, he doesn't look as ugly as people who judge his looks, he looks like a man, he looks like a true hero, he will always look better than normal, because he IS better then normal

Author — Fishynetter


Honestly his story deserves more than 11 minutes. I hope someone can make a film about it one day.

Author — MJ Silva


Not to take away from his story, which is incredible, but I can't stop thinking about how charismatic he is. The way he speaks, the way he conveys feeling, his mannerisms. I couldn't look away for even a moment. What a lovely human and what an incredible story-teller. <3

Author — Abbie Morales


This guy is the best story teller ever, let alone telling the most incredible story ever.

Author — Will Pownall


adrenaline when he jumps: okay, we’re gonna do this together

adrenaline when he landed: lmao okay bye

Author — aja jordan


The moral of the story is : crash your plane in a country with a civilized healthcare system

Author — Gweilo


I’m out here stubbing my toe practically crying and he landed a plane while on fire

Author — Dejay Gleason


The weird point about this is how he took off his shoes and socks. I find it more weird because in my profession as a Paramedic, in the 3 deaths I've seen where someone has burned themselves alive, they have always taken their shoes and socks off. It is the most strange and unexplainable motivation.

Author — Joe Lambton


he's sitting there, dressed sharp as hell, and being super humble while talking about how he jumped out of a moving god damn airplane which exploded seconds after, and i cannot help but get 007 vibes

Author — Starseed-bb


His American accent was more believable than actual Americans’

Author — Lexi Mars


"fly the damn aircraft" is the best thing i've ever heard

Author — shyguyshow


Recently he got shot, bullet is in critical condition.

Author — Akuma 315


Being an American I can confirm that quote was EXRTEMELY American

Author — Cauy Kemper