The Enki and Enlil REVELATION - Endgame: The Series - Special Presentation

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The Enki and Enlil REVELATION - Endgame: The Series - Special Presentation 4
The historical accounts of the two brothers from ancient times have now been REVEALED! The ancient Mesopotamian Gods Enki and Enlil - What was their purpose, and who are they now? These age-old secrets have now been released to the masses!

Enjoy our special presentation of Endgame: The Series.

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Interesting documentary but there are so many versions of the story of who Enki was and who Enlil was that no one really
knows the true story of who they really were .This is definitely the first time I have come across anything on Enlil an Enki that suggests Enlil is the Good guy and Enki as the bad guy which I do find interesting. In the Hebrew bible it says Elohim was the one who talked to Noah / Ziusudra through the wall which would suggest that Enki is Elohim .I have also read that when Moses asked (god) little g what his name was he replied Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh which can be translated I am the one know as Ea / Yah which wouId also suggest that Enki is the one who spoke to Moses as he did to Noah.If you want to know the characters of Enki and Enlil Zecharia Sitchin is a good place to start as his writings come from the ancient Sumerian
texts. I do apologise for my first comment as I realise we are all here trying to work out this puzzle that the Annunaki have left us and I am sorry if I offended anyone.I am not saying I know the truth (far from it) I am just putting it out there that there are a lot of conflicting stories and that we all have to look at all of the different angles before we collectively find the truth.I think we all hold different pieces of the puzzle in the specific knowledge we individually have and hopefully one day we can put them all together to find the answers we seek. At the end of the day the Annunaki believe in the Father of all beginnings who is the only true Creator and who is the one who is in control of everything that happens in the universe including the course of Human and Annunaki history.

Author — Adamo


To think my own obsession with ancient past has led to this <3

Author — Cifer V Arclight


I always felt like enki and enlil was concept of yin and yang, light dark. The duality that we al seem to be trapped in but we are being hindered by this. There is no light or dark but both must be for the other to exist. The key is balance. Only 2 emotional states that control us: fear and love.

Author — Nicole Pauline


Amazing revelation. I've always found the Sumerian time period fascinating... this is truly amazing!!

Author — Greg Brady


So Enki was the good guy cos he wanted us to live, while Enlil wanted to destroy us cos we are an abomination. So wouldn’t that mean Satan (Enki) was the good guy in all of this

Author — James Stewart


The lost book of Enki, Zachariah Sitchin

Author — Nii Anyah Yartey


Does anyone have a weird feeling of dajavu?

Author — Adam Sharaby


Alot of this story...well its the best one yet, cuz it went from the beginning to the it was able to answer all of my questions 1-10 i give it a 12😜really enjoyed thank you👑💰👑🌍🌎🌏

Author — Blanca Miranda


Really interesting and well done video!

Author — petri huhtanen


Seems like, according to the narrator, without Enki's creation of man, he (and by implication, all of us) would still be another ape somewhere.

Author — Alan Cheong


Amazing! thank you, brother! Brilliant!

Author — Rachael Flores


Very nice!! Thank you so much. Love and gratitude.

Author — Carol Angeloff


There is a mention of Satan as being a person, meaning of satan is simply adversary. But I liked the video.

Author — Eyþór Þormóður Árnason


Very cool, thanks. Interesting the penance Enki must endure through its m, manifestations and rebirths to encompass his act, know it and become redeemed for it..

Author — Mik C


There is something amazing about thos story that brings a energy to me while watching

Author — Life Styles of the Down and Out


One thing is missing in this video.
In the creation of humans Enki gave HIS DNA, not the DNA of any anunaki.
Then ask the question "Who are we?"

Author — mv s


interesting, but i will meditate on this !

Thank you Guys :)

Author — holylightangelos


thanks..please ..I just finished a talk about the difference between spirit - soul - and body...according to the New Testament
thought you might find it interesting: @​

Author — Nugget of Truth - Eric King


Truly amazing the amount of information you have been given and shared with us!

Author — TwoAngryChickens


This video is written by Richard Ruff or i.e. Moses.

Author — Andrew Yew