How does activator work? MYOFUNCTIONAL APPLIANCES

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Author — Dr Teeth


Could you please make a video on perio instrumentation techniques and how to ( scalers, curettes). On typodont. Thank you!

Author — H Abdelka


Please make a vedio describing myofunctional appliances in brief for quick revision

Author — Shuchi Jain


Kindly make more videos on functional appliances 😔

Author — Jaweria Shakeel


can u share videos related to working of micro motor, about the burs, handpiece nd everything related to that
believe me this will be very helpful for the beginners ..
as there are no such videos on YouTube
hope uh understand !!😊😊

Author — Mrs. Bindu


Can u plzz make videos related on impression theories and techniques related to prosthodontics

Author — Aish Zafar


Pls add more videos related to myofunctional appliances.



Some biostatistics and epidemiology would be great ! Great video btw helped a lot

Author — peter richard stevenson


It's really helpful waiting for more videos...😄😄😄

Author — Jithin K Nair


you have a cute voice, from India maybe? thank you for this amazing video

Author — drummer amateur


Can u plz make video on the development of tooth for BDS 1st year....??

Help plzzz😑😑

Author — Dream And Dance


Plz add video on theories of tooth movement

Author — Dr Amruta Sonawane


so if this works, you dont need braces anymore

Author — KBHL Tutorials


Please explain about twin block appliance

Author — hari dinesh


Hello dr.teeth my son shared your link to subscribe to your channel... Thnx now i can ask questions to him.

Author — Prem Veena


You are simply reading Bhalajhi, here is nothing explanatory.I use to follow your videos but this one is disappointing.

Author — Perfect learner