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Josie: How To Make a Country Hate You (Controversial Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5

Josie Cunningham has occupied the media spotlight by creating as much controversy as she can, including a plan to sell tickets to the birth of her baby and posting outrageous tweets. But at what cost?

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Ironically, I’ve literally never heard of this woman in my life

Author — Steph Shore


She's made living out of being maybe the real fools are the ones giving her attention !

Author — Natalie Cangini


Her home is immaculate and her kids are clean, well fed and behaved....praise her for that!

Author — AMV Nonprofit


She had an actual medical condition that our NHS corrected for her. The only thing to dislike her for is smoking while pregnant

And Robin Armstrong needs to get a life.

Author — ESL and Eyeshadow


If she were American, she and her family would have had a reality show by now.

Author — Mrs. Arthur Morgan


Robin is a typical troll. No life, no job and probably still living home with his parents. He's busy making hate videos inside his matchbox room, what a man..

Author — Fleur d'oranger Moschata


I see a young woman who was clearly manipulated by the media first and instead of hiding and crying like I would she has chosen to manipulate them back
I won't judge her for her choices
She's not hurting anyone and there's a very long list of women who've made millions on doing much worse

Author — cathyannkailee


After watching this, I quite like her now.

Author — teapea85


Whoever hates this woman needs to get a life

Author — Jamie Morgan


It's actually heartbreaking hearing how bad she was bullied as a child. No kid deserves that.

Author — Sam


I don’t understand why SHE is hated. Yeah she got a boob job on the National Health Service. But who signed off on that? The NHS. That was their budget they agreed to spend in that way, regardless of her story or reasoning as to why she should have it. The anger is misdirected there in my opinion. Her selling the stories about herself. If the Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail want to spend THEIR money on these stories for you the public then let them. That’s not coming from your pocket.

Author — Abigail Mather


This documentary doesn’t make me dislike Josie Cunningham, it makes me dislike Robin Armstrong.

Author — sophiedavis91


Hate serial killers or the new world order, not a young girl trying to make some money for her kids.

Author — Gina2190


The cigarette smoking while pregnant is really the only issue I have with her.

Author — aliza goehner


ummm i can’t believe i’m going to say this but i like her. she takes care of her kids and keeps it moving

Author — A.


She looks like an amazing mom, spotless house, kids seem so well adjusted and happy, no doubt she adores them. This doccie made me like her

Author — Tryphine Shumba


And tbh the lad making anti-Josie videos is 100 times sadder than Josie is, trying to get attention about somebody getting attention. Grinning staring at his own videos 😫

Author — Rich Garratt


Me: "I can't believe she got implants via the NHS"

Her: "I was bullied for not having breasts"

Me: "Oh, okay yeah, this was a necessity"

Author — Psyclone The Seahawk


she's a hustler, all these people hating are just jealous she's gonna be a millionaire if she isn't already 😂😂like come on

Author — Jae Aiko


Her assistant is the devil he's leading her down this path

Author — Kita Maria xo