SCP-783 There Was A Crooked Man (SCP Animation)

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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter Class object, SCP-783 There Was A Crooked Man Animation.

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SCP-783 is a hostile entity currently preying upon the residents of Temby, a rural hamlet in Oxfordshire, England. SCP 783 has a period of activity lasting roughly seventy days over the fall and winter months, occurring every twelve years. SCP783 exclusively attacks those who are alone and indoors after sunset. Victims of an attack exhibit gross deformations in their body structure as the result of dozens of compound fractures along their long bones and severely displaced vertebrae. These are healed via the rapid generation of excessive cartilage and osseous tissue.

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Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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Ah back when keter meant "impossible to contain" rather than some alien entity that could destroy the universe with a thought.

Author — @sirnippip


This video left out one of the creepiest parts of the original entry: When D2172 found that victim stretched across the road, he tried to go back the way he came, but another one had appeared, blocking the road in that direction, too... then he heard bone cracking behind him, turned around again and saw that parts of the first body had stretched closer to him... then he heard bone cracking from the other direction... and took off into the woods. Probably the right move.

Author — @TheNeoVid


I don't know why, but hearing how the d-class was holding onto the harness for dear life was so scary. Like, he was still conscious enough to pull the rope so he could leave; he wanted out so badly...

Author — @winonajohnson3349


moral of every SCP story: don’t be D-class

Author — @mateussaito6920


"Old people are like this though, breaking stuff so people will come visit them"
I can just imaging an old frail woman swinging away with a sledge hammer at her outside wall and roof thinking "This'll get Bob over for sure with his sweet ass"

Author — @Magic_Toaster


Part of the crooked man's song is

"There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile, "

"He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;"

"He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, "

"And they all lived together in a little crooked house."

Thats all I remember.

Author — @sshmup3017


Jesus Christ, these are actually disturbing. Why are these SCP’s underrated? They’re much better than a peanut that snaps neck and a depressed enderman.

Author — @brynjaro37


When the SCP Foundation gives someone a mental health break, you know shit got real.

Author — @ahumblepotato9801


It broke my heart when the lady said “My husband is going to be soon” when showing a picture of him with “in memoriam” written on it

Author — @nicoarrigoni3898


The "living tree" is genuinely one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen. I love this. Also, I hate it

Author — @mothballers


I love how the D-Class was still wearing his jumpsuit even when placed undercover 😂

Author — @j.c.5895


The question becomes as well, if they had video footage where they could actively see the D class being attacked, why in the world did they not come and try to contain it? After all, the video even says he was being attacked over the course of several hours. They had time.

Author — @jarrodw6438


Grandma: Deformed, and in a paralyzed state.

Author — @allergictoalmonds.765


How the HELL have I not heard of this SCP? This is some disturbing shit, yet this is the first and only channel that's talked about it. This is such an underrated SCP, it's insulting.

Author — @MONSTER743


Dr Bob tells stories about scps in the most horrific way possible.

Author — @Rl-tn1ys


Here's a thought:
What if they tried using Cain? He's unaffected by damage, so perhaps he could go in and get a description.

Author — @8cutstrings


Criminals: "Don't worry, Batman doesn't kill. He's a coward."


Author — @shukitheconscious3150


i dont understand why people keep making scary stories based on this poem. the crooked man from the irl original poem sounds to me like a perfectly nice fellow

Author — @saucepart2electricboogaloo461


I love how the SCP foundation takes legends of small towns and countries and make them truly horrifying anomalys

Author — @juanhola2182


"Why the long face" would be the ultimate insult to an scp 783 victim

Author — @julianfitter832