The Strong Silent Type - How to be quietly confident

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

You know the strong silent type of guy. He doesn't say much, but when he speaks, people listen. Are you ready to learn how to be quietly confident in yourself?

Many guys think confidence means being loud and 'proving' to the world that you are a strong, confident man. This approach is flawed because it is reactive and superficial.

True core confidence doesn't need to be blatantly expressed. Instead, it acts like a searing coal within yourself. It radiates out from you in a more subtle way. This is what embodying the strong silent type is all about.

Less doing. More being.

Thanks for stopping by the Relentless Man channel where we teach you how to be a high-quality man. We approach this by starting with self-awareness and developing a positive psychology mindset. This shift in thinking can help you with interpersonal skills and verbal communication in all areas of your life. This allows your masculine energy to be unstifled, drastically improving your well-being and entrepreneurial mindset.

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Best video I’ve watched on this topic. Very in-depth with great examples. 1:10 to 1:27 was a bit confusing listening to listen to in it’s context, but every other second was very well put together. Subbed, cheers

Author — Reid


The strong and silent type should not bend to those who come up with comments such as "You need to talk more". They should mind their own frecking business.

Author — Tricky Dicky


Who comes to mind when you think of a strong silent type of man?

Author — Relentless Man


Be in this type of man is dangerous and overrated. Suppressing your feelings in your thoughts is overrated and dangerous and completely unrealistic. Those men mentioned in the video were characters not real people. Trying to mimic there stoic an emotional behavior is a recipe for disaster

Author — 9525joe