Seinabo Sey - Remember ft. Jacob Banks

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Prod company: New Land
Director: Sheila Johansson
Producer: Adam Holmström
DOP: Tim Lorentzen
AC: Jonas Björne

Stylist: Selam Ghirmay Fessahaye
Make: Sainabou Secka
Hair: Sainabou Katri Chune

Editor: Alexander Peri/TTG
Colorist: Nicke Jakobsson/TTG
Sound design: Anton Ahlberg/Red Pipe
Online: Kalle Lundberg/TTG
Post production: Talet group
Sound: Red Pipe

Local production:
Production manager: Ousman Drammeh
Production manager: Bubacarr Batchilly
Prod. Koordinator: Oumie Sissoho
Driver: Modou Jatta
Driver: Ousaman Jarju

Management: Nina Nestlander & Jonas Wikström, Sweden Music Management

Thanks to:
Daniel Thissel
Sofia Misgena
Michaela Grip
Ljud och Bildmedia
XO Mangement
Red Pipe

💬 Comments

I love SKAM France. I love it because of the emotion, the scenes, the characters... but also because of the incredible musics this amazing series make me discover.

Author — Cyprien Emeric


This is so beautiful. I looked at the loop on Spotify throughout the whole song. Dont know why it almost makes me cry. So so beautiful. Seinabo du är helt fantastisk.

Author — Jorda F


A song has never made me cry until I heard this. It's so beautiful, here’s to those that have lost loved ones. You’ll understand.

Author — When The Sound Resonates


Thank you SKAM for making me aware of Seinabo. I've been listening to her music non-stop for the past 4 weeks

Author — Ricardo Francisco Jacob


Her voice just hits me in my soul it's beautiful. It's like sadness and happiness at the same time.

Author — mrvillTV


What a beautiful soul voice have you guys God bless you. I hope you can have another collaboration you and Jacob.

Author — Haney Djama


So soothing and amazing. Skam france bought me here to your beautiful music 💛

Author — Fikx Nasir


Girl! You. Are. An. Artist! 🌹👏🏾 I am loving each and every video/track as I continue to discover your music!

You have a timeless soulful aesthetic and grace that needs to be seen and heard!

Ultimate talent! Beautiful work! Just beautiful🌹

Wishing you wellness, continued success and much inspiration!

Author — Movies Over Matter Productions


I LOVE it.... I wish it was the whole track

Author — Hutch Heelan


Here after POWER! Glad they used such a talented artist as Seinabo!

Author — adrienneclark62511


Young Royals, obrigado por me apresentar esta perfeição ❤️

Author — Philippe Moura


Essa música é perfeita ❤️✨✨ marcante dms, grato em conhecê-la através da série Young Royals.

Author — Nathan Gohn


This was my top song of the year on spotify and I started listening to it in May after watching Power. Incredible Song!!

Author — Thomas Andreou


I wish the whole song was on here! Love this song.

Author — Rush_AZ


I absolutely love this song! So amazing and powerful. Such beautiful words! 😢😢

Author — Tricia Mensah


This one really hit me in the guts, Almost felt like crying. So powerful <3



Lookin at season 3 Ep2 of Queen Suger, this song captured me by the beautiful vocals (harmonies to be exact)💖💯 I had to shazam it.. Beautiful video too! The strong man completely holding/carrying the other strong man is a STRONG statement.

Author — LukeAnthony Tillman


I’ve always loved this song and how beautiful it is... but In our current climate this means so much more to me than ever before ✊🏾🤎

Author — Jenny C I


Power got me tears and this song... why is this so short omg it's such a beautiful song makes me cry 😢

Author — Iesha mason


First, Power brought me here who's with me.

Author — meneferra