Playing Fortnite: Battle Royale for 50,000 V-BUCKS...!

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - Can I actually win the 50,000 V-BUCKS prize? Let's see...! :D
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Hey everyone, I hope you're having an awesome weekend! 😄💙

Today I wanted to give you an update on my Solo Showdown games - I've had back-to-back wins but also some bad games... But can I still win the 50, 000 V-BUCKS!? 😱

Author — Ali-A


Wish they would've factored kills into the rankings

Author — Legndz


I am very much not a cheater :) I appreciate your appreciation though!

Author — PierXBL


Hey Ali A I really enjoy watching ur videos, it’s the high point of my day😂so keep on doing what u are👌🏽and yeah...your awesome bro💪🏼

Author — RB COsMIC


I really like the fact that he genuinely congratulated the top players and said fair play. Good morals

Author — John Kerimoglu


its always great to watch you keep the great playing up 👍😁

Author — lachie shepherd


Lets be honest. All of us wont near make it to top 100 of 70 million players ;(

Author — Jahnnluis


0:00 "The black knight shows no mercy" *misses 4 shots while someones standing still

Author — Neon Shapes


You're awesome, you keep it simple and learning a lot from you

Author — Jvcklive


It's so funny how Ali acts like he knows he's gonna win it

Author — Celectrix


You rage me when you keep a GREEN AR over a LEGENDARY THERMOS



Here’s a challenge... when you kill someone, you have to trade your loot with them

Author — xX1nstinctXx


He said he was on 128 in total when he was on 118 😂😂 lmao

Author — Louie Liftz


Good going, Ali! Your the boss of Fortnite!

Author — PengiPlayz


dud i spent so long doing this mode and im telling u i was on point with all of my games im the one coming 1st!! good luck ali

Author — maroubra saints


Every time he kills someone in the first 50 then you can hear the controllers breaking.

Author — Clingis


when he actually faces someone good, he runs away

Author — Jules Phillips


The spider just wanted a front row seat. He must be a fan! Lol

Author — Candace Hamberlin


One more thing congrats on almost getting level 100 omega I only have back and leg pecies

Author — Rowanypony


You should do the spy challenge (I made it myself) you have to:
Wear skins with the word agent in or reaper or havoc
Pistols only (no hand cannons or smgs)
Plain victory umbrella
No building (only for launch pads
Bandages only
No backpacks
Be stealthy
Only go to superhero Base next to lonely lodge

Author — Hugo Mullahy