Firefly, by Andy Beck – Score & Sound

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Words and Music by Andy Beck
Item: 00-27107
Voicing: 2-Part
Series: Choral Designs
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Excellent craftsmanship is apparent as an accented vocal theme creates the image of flickering fireflies on a dark summer's night. Carefully selected ranges and intervals, youthfully inquisitive lyrics, and the vital accompaniment make this piece appealing to educators, students, audience members, and adjudicators alike. Remarkably fun and smart.

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I remember when I was in 3rd grade I had to sing this and now my choir teacher now (it’s a different one from my 3rd grade teacher) is trying to find a good song to sing for our spring concert so I was thinking of asking her to do this one as a throw back to my 3rd grade choir

Author — blaise??


My choir teacher makes us sing this

Author — I.T.O


My Teacher Made us sing this Choir Song called, "Firefly"

Author — Mateo-_pro


I sang this in choir 2 years ago, and I still listen to it 😊😂

Author — Rylee!!!


I’m in 7th grade and I have to sing this

Author — Kiley Grill


I remember when I was in 1st grade and this was the main chorus theme

Author — Ivan


I actually played the accompaniment for this price a couple years ago in 6th grade. I loved ever second of that concert

Author — PianoPlayer


In choir we had to perform this song at our concert

Author — SlothyMaT


I have to sing this song when I go to choir festival

Author — Madilynn Weeks


Good times when my friends and I sang this song at high school

Author — ESRAN M.


My music director made us sing this song for chorus or choir for most people.

Author — Lil Gamer Playz


I’m in 4th grade and I have to sing this for chorus

Author — Ireland Murphy


I’m singing this in choir I’m in the 7th grade

Author — malia cervantes


Our music teacher made us sing this song because we have a concert

Author — Gerry-Lynn Aquino


I'm in 6th and singing this for chorus

Author — Ace zoko


i sang this in choir in like 4th grade

Author — Julian Herrera


my music teacher made us sing this and also butterfly by andy beck

Author — bean something


I’m in 7TH GRADE and I have to sing this song, it just seems very kiddish in my opinion

Author — nova


This song brings back horrible 6th grade memories. I’m about to be a Junior in highschool and life is way better. Fuck middleschool

Author — Ellis McPickle


I'm I 5th grade and we have to sing this dumb song

Author — Ben Whitaker