The Cardi B Story: Life Before Fame

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The Cardi B Story: Life Before Fame 4.5
Cardi B's rise to fame from the streets of New York to Hollywood's hottest rap star.

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Cardi B has become a household name in pop culture and in the hiphop community. A big personality and a hilarious take on life, the rapper keeps showing the world why she’s here to stay in the music world, as well as on social media. She’s best known for her stripper past, where she then became famous as she was gaining popularity in her hometown of the Bronx. After a few of her videos went viral, she ended up on Love & Hip Hop: New York. From there, her rapper career has taken off and Cardi B has graced us with songs like “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” and “La Modelo.” Curious to know how the full story of Cardi B’s rise to fame? Watch From Bloods Gang to Rap Career: The Cardi B Story.


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Author — Irtiqa Subzar


- So proud of her. Met her years back she is 1 year younger than me. I met her at the club several times. She made something of her life. Nobody can take that from her.

Author — Blessed Beauty


what i love about her is that she doesn't deny getting implants

Author — Aminata Drame


Proof that your past does not determine your future. Keep moving up Cardi B

Author — Ms Dez


What I'm doing with my life? I need to start doing something...

Author — Diana


This was actually really interesting, thanks for making this video, tbh, I learned a lil bit more about Cardi :)

Author — Horse Queen


She’s very likable. I was skeptical but I was sold on a few true to heart interviews she gave

Author — Supreme H


This is why people love Cardi B - cause she’s real. Love her 💕💖💕

Author — Sani Laomahei


The "B"stands for whatever?? Beautiful or about her Born Name...smh

Author — Jennifer Whitson


Cardi’s journey is absolutely note worthy. She has inspired girls to not give up. Her journey was not always glamorous but she kept pushing forward. Cardi doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. 💙 Cardi will always be winning!

Author — Gia G


She also made a song with SZA called "I do"

Author — none of your business stut up now


Cardi b never mind what they say u re the best and will always be and u re already the best! So cheer up

Author — Emmanuel Laryea


I love her so much cause she is so honest a friendly

Author — Katie Worth


I love Cardi B much
I'm also Trinidadian💜

Author — Sarah Lovin


I love this young woman. She's real about herself, not pretending who she's not. Bless be up on her, Damn gorgeous melanin Queen.

Author — Peterson Remolien


I love ❤️ cardi b so much better then Nicki minja cardi has a better personality that will win 🏆 people over

Author — antoinette miles


She should be motivation for the rest of of these strippers continue to secure the bag in a major way... stripping don't come with benefits ladies!!!

Author — Ms. Smith


I love Cardi B's story♥️ I wish I could've done more with my life. 💃🏾
Anyways #BardiGang👠

Author — Georgia Isaac


We are re-living the late stage of the Roman Empire.

Author — Carl P.


Cardi b is so amazing.She is one of my role models.keep fighting cards

Author — micky pongo