Mikado Logo 500 Build Video - Chris Reibert

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Mikado Logo 500 Build Video
Mikado Model Helicopters
Kit $473.99

Rotor diameter: 1150 to 1190 mm
Rotor blades: 500mm/553 mm
Gear ratio main rotor: 8.7 to 12.8; Mod. 0.7
Weight: 2.2 kg and up
Battery: 5S to 6S Lipo cells
Target Head Speed Should be between 2100-2300 depending on flying style.

Powered by:

-Scorpion HK4025-1100kv Motor
-Castle Creations Ice100 ESC
-Hercules Super BEC
-Mikado Mini VBar Blueline Express
-Futaba BLS451 Cyclic Servos
-Futaba BLS241 Tail Servo
-THOR 5000mAh 6s Lipo
-15t MOD7 Pinion
-EDGE 553m FBL Main Blades
-EDGE 92m Tail Blades
-Custom Fusuno Canopy