The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History - Nibiru is Coming

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The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History - Nibiru is Coming 4.5
445 000 years ago, “creator gods” – as they call it – came to Earth. They were called the Anunnaki, which means “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”. These beings inhabited a distant orbiting planet called Nibiru, which only entered our solar system every 3,600 years. They describe Nibiru as many times the diameter of Earth, and abundant with iron oxide, making its rivers and lakes appear red. A side note about Nibiru: according to the Sumerian tablets, Nibiru’s atmosphere began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, and in order to restore it, the Annunaki needed one important element for their atmosphere: gold.

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Scenes from the following productions were used under Fair Use for educational purposes:
History Channel's Ancient Aliens
PBS NOVA's Secrets of Noah's Ark 2015

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Enjoyed this video, I'd like to add that it's nice to hear a calming voice telling the story, instead of robotic voices!!!

Author — Laura Laine


If an apocolypse came and distant future humans discovered our comic books, they would think there used to be an age of unexplainable super humans.

Author — Seth C


The Annunaki were so advanced they crossed the universe but didn't have the means/machinery to mine gold? LMFAO

Author — ZZ Tilt


Her voice is feeding me like a baby. Perfect voice for this naration

Author — meacomefeyou


There's always some truth behind every myth and legend don't discredit it just because it contradicts your beliefs

Author — MIKE2111ful


This explain alot of things
1. Our obsession with Gold
2. Our need to work to feel complete
3. Our blind submissiveness to some greater power

Author — CODPOV


Annunaki are like the white walkers. They are the real threat while we are too busy playing the game of thrones on earth.

Author — untouchable360x


I see alot of you dont seem to get it..
Their planet travels further away then their means of travel.
So our whole world collects gold while they are gone.
Stored safe and sound for their return.

Author — Patrick Thayer


Can’t help but notice that guy has a beard
Holding a tree
In his 1 hand
And a reindeer under
His arm

Author — Wayne R


According to "The hidden history of Humanity" video, The Anunnaki were just one of the many ET Gods who manipulated our genetic code. - Best wishes

Author — Vincent Gill


I have studied astronomy both in school and on my own time. I love it. There is nothing more astonishing than the cosmos. I am sort of an amateur astronomer, minus the negative connotations that the word brings. Planet X, Nibiru whatever you want to call may not be a planet at all. Most of the stars we see in the night sky are actually binary star systems, meaning there are two stars instead of the perceived one. The catch of course being that this tendancy to have a stellar comapnion is skewed towards stars that are visible. Stars like the Sun. Most of the stars in our galaxy, something like 85%, are red dwarf stars. These stars are difficult to detect as they are many times dimmer than our sun and also quite smaller. OBAFGKMLTY is spectral classification (Morgan-Keenan System), our Sun sits right at G (G2V). T and Y type stars are right where you'd see red and brown dwarfs. But not all T and Y stars are considered dwarfs. For instance Betelgeuse (my favorite star for some reason, found in Orion) is an M2Iab type star. A star can be red but have a high (-6.02) luminosity which indicates, in the case of Betelgeuse, that it is an intermediate supergiant star. A red dwarf is very small, like 7.5% the mass of the sun and about 11 on the luminosity scale (1/10, 000 as bright as the sun) basically meaning you cannot see them with the naked eye. Brown dwarfs would be much dimmer and smaller. These can be the size of Jupiter (volume) but many times the mass, but still not massive enough for fusion to occur. Basically what I am getting to is that it is not so far fetched to assume that maybe this Nibiru is not a planet at all, but instead a brown dwarf. The theory is called "Nemisis star theory".

If you read this to the end, thank you for entertaining a nerd. Hope you have a good day.

Author — First Last


The only problem I have with this is I dont believe it went by all that long ago and that's why it's remembered. Look into mudfloods and created realities. Also new earth channel and others. They all are proving a massive devastation happened not to long ago and the new civilization just reutilized all the old structures like the star forts and what not, so the jyst of everything is modern religion is keeping ppl in fear thinking it's coming bk again when really it happened maybe 1100 yrs back. Structures show water run off all over the place and the sea life and crustations are still on mountain tops around the world. We're still being manipulated because we have nothing to fear

Author — J knowledgenet


We fear the truth, because they were as intelligent as we are today.
More intelligent than we are today, they spoke to the god's we worship today.funny right.

Author — Victor wallace


The best thing humans can do is to stop having children.

Author — Blue Rainbow


Y'all better wake up and get ready for some serious interdimensional confrontation.

Author — Harold Fortune


This is partly why we have an inherent affinity for gold.

Author — George Gilles


No matter how far-fetched the theory we should all lend an ear because likely whatever is the truth of our existence it is far, far stranger than even our wildest imagination. Intellect is not just something read in books but rather how far one lets the mind soar. It is really more a matter of awareness, the realization of self in the cosmos (multi-verses) and dimensions. I found this a wonderfully thought-provoking video and well worth the watch for the new thought it bred in me. Lots to think about here. Thanks for posting!

Author — Stephen Wright


If Nibiru is a planet, it must be extremely cold and dark there .
Though it would be warm under the surface if it had a molten core .
Without artificial light, it would be very dark on the surface,
and would probably be completely dark under the surface .
How would a technically advanced species ever evolve there ?

Author — Jerry Wiese


Man I would love to see a 4 hour movie made about this!

Author — Dar El


Wonder what secrets are buried in the world's oceans and Antarctica 🤔🤔🤔🤔
To bad history is written by the true killers (winners of war) & the deceased history destroyed and forgotten. Would be nice to know more of our "his-tory".

Author — Sal S