‘My Perfect You’ FULL MOVIE | Gerald Anderson, Pia Wurtzbach (English - Subbed)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Everything about Burn's (Gerald Anderson) life is imperfect... until he accidentally embarks on a perfect getaway, with a perfect view, and a perfect girl named Abi (Pia Wurtzbach)… what can go wrong?

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*The movie shows how powerful our mind is. Nalungkot lang ako sa part na nong andon si Burn sa resort sobrang ganda ng tanawin, colorful tas nong bumalik siya sa reality sobrang dark ng aura. It shows how dark his life is. Pero at the end, nong sa Coffee Shop bumalik ulit yung kulay sa mundo ni Burn. Love this movie. This is not your typical filipino movie na puro kilig at cheesy lines lang. It’s about Life* THIS IS WORTH TO WATCH, TRUST ME💙

Author — Deeeyn Edits


We cannot deny the fact na sobrang galing dito ni Gerald at Pia. As in. Ang ganda ng story. Sobrang realistic ang mga symptoms ng schizophrenia. ❤️

Author — Kenneth Bala


I love how mental health is not stigmatized and/or misrepresented in this movie. It's represented beautifully. Kudos to the director and the producers!

Author — Paeya


That scene in the tub when Gerald almost drowned himself in pain brought me to tears. So loved and admired Ms. Dimples for her superb acting skills in this particular scene. The plot twists were so surprisingly woven to create that masterpiece and the message of mental health awareness was indeed socially relevant. This allows audience to understand the need to remove whatever stigma there is in schizophrenia and other forms of mental illness. Great job to the productions staff and the casts. Loved this movie!

Author — Ardelyn Glodobe


Di ko alam bakit ngayon ko lang to napanuod, grabe ang ganda. Sobrang nakakaiyak. Regardless of the actor's personal showbiz issues, ang galing padin talaga.

Author — Dyann T


This movie is so underrated, "My Perfect You" deserves more recognition and this is the kind of movie that Filipinos should see.

Author — Anika Arnaiz


Sa lahat ng movie ng ABSCBN, ito ang pinaka fave ko . ang lalim kwento at talagang may moral lesson. Hindi yung puro pa tweetums at pa cute ng lead star . Di ako fan ni Gerald and Pia, its just that, the writer captured my heart with the story and lines . Thank you for making this kind of beautiful movie .

Author — Shattered Blues


I'm not into local movies but when I clicked and started watching this, I could not stop until the end. I rate it 5 stars.

Author — charlie esfernando


Maganda ang movie... magaling ang writer, director, production, lahat ... May justice

Author — nadeen ahmad


at first, i under estimated this movie, i thought it was just a another cheesy romantic comedy story, but i was so wrong... i end up watching it with a big smile on my face. the twist of the story gave me chills and Pia surprised me with her acting and she portrayed her character so well, she's not just Miss U 2015 she's a great actress too, as well as Gerald it was a fantastic performance! they complemented each other. a very highly recommended masterpiece. well done!

Author — SeanChristian


I didn't think the storyline to be like this. Grabe, parang OA lang sa una pero at the end of the movie, it amazes me the way kung pano shinoot yung movie, grabe ang galing ng script and yung plot ang galing!. THUMBS up!. Highly recommended movie not just only for pinoys, but all also internationally. PIA gives justice to the movie, grabe haha ang galing lang!. Parang Deja vu lang.

Author — Manuel Dioquino


Sa lahat ng mga naging movie ni gerald anderson, ito ang pinakagusto ko. Hindi ko ineexpect ung twist ng eksena. Ang ganda. Ang galing

Author — gladyst del pilar


Setting all the issues aside, I can say that this movie really made me cry. Galing!!

Author — Harper Madison


I'm surprised that this movie was about mental health. I thought its the typical romcom with cheesy lines and scenes but it's not. It's an awesome movie indeed, with its great casting, plot, director and everything. It made me cry tonight and I learned and realized a lot from this movie. I'm glad I spend time to watch this. 💛

Author — Alpha Congea Omega Saldivia


I love how this movie is so well-written and realistic. I love it 👏🏻

Author — Kath Montenegro


Ang galing ni Pia umarte. Natural na natural at hindi corny. Si Gerald din. Good acting match. One of the best Filipino movie I watched.

Author — Izumianne


This movie reminds me of those memorable days in mental ward.. hats off to all the members in this movie for making such a wonderful one.😘😘

Author — Sermelin Beypi


Queen Pia nailed the character! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She's also good in acting kudos! My queen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Musika Ni Maestro ATBP


I'm glad that I found this movie! Super ganda and unpredicted and plot, the mental health was represented beautifully. Aminin, Pia and Gerald had a great chemistry in this movie, kahit madalas inis ako kay Gerald haha 😅. Galing nila umarte and galing talaga ni Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina at nung writers. 💅❤️

Author — Bea Manlangit



Galing ni Pia Wurtzbach. More movie projects for you!

Author — KA a