Stock 777-300ER in KSP

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Here is the much requested craft, the 777-300ER! Enjoy this time-lapse build!
It has real wings instead of paper ones this time. :)

Visual Mods:
-SVE + stuff
-Distant Object

♫ Silent Partner - Black Vulture
♫ Silent Partner - No Win
♫ Everet Almond - Fuzzy Feeling
♫ Jason Farnham - World Map
♫ Silent Partner - Hiking
♫ Albis - Osaka Rain
♫ Riot - New Sneakers
♫ The 126ers - Windows Rolled Down
♫ Riot - New Sneakers
♫ Silent Partner - Friction Looks
♫ Silent Partner - Leaving


💬 Comments

Nice job, good to know you are still going to keep the stock builds, I love them!!! :)

Author — Lkz _03


David is brazier but I follow his videos and I see the perfection that leaves each aircraft :) I would never be able to make such an aircraft in KSP haha

Author — WandiN


The drums at the beginning sounds like the beginning of the ICarly theme song 😂

Author — Owomo the Ho


Do the flaps, slats, and spoilers all actually work? If so that is awesome!

Author — snowgolem609


every ksp player ever, exept danny nexter and those who like to put things on multiple times light speed escape trajectories away from kerbol. I am one of the latter

Author — Harry Rewcastle


Please do the Airbus A340-600, it's such a sexy beast!

Author — Liocla


That moment when you insta like the video and see it was worth it :D

Author — Arturo Quirantes Ros


What stock {big plane} craters love
Part clipping
All mk3 parts
All wing parts
Goliath engines

Author — Matthew Kelley


can you please build a **XB-70 VALKYERY**

Author — funy man is me


Might I suggest building an MD-90-50? Perhaps an Mi-8 for your next helicopter?

Author — BorisXanovavich


which mod avoids the texture glitching/flicking when objects are in the same position? and really well done for the plane

Author — luis felipe Wellenkamp


I'm playing ksp at that moment, AND I GET THE SUN ECLIPSE XD IT'S AMAZING

Author — Patrylec


Oooh... another video at 2am (in Korea)
Yup, I'm probably not gonna wake up in time for morning's meeting.

Author — Thomas Malek


I can build it without noclipping parts or improperly using fairings

Author — ᴊᴜʟɪᴏ


Was this before they installed the three long two wide 777 gear? It bothers me how you use 2 of the 2x2 gear back to forth.

Author — joespeed1952


Could you make a meteor? (British fighter jet)

Author — Ofirposting


i just had the same bug a couple of days ago after my sister"accidentally" pressed unpause after i quick loaded my wing broke off.

Author — Pointclearius Gaming and Rickrolls


-Stack engines
-Get engines burn eachother because of rounding error on savefile loading
-Blame developer for bugs

Author — NetTrollStuff


looks more like an boeing 787, but I still love it

Author — Seb Cohen


dude u really have to take much less fuel into planes. so much dead cargo on take off... 3-4 of all those big tanks (filled) will be more enough for this design. just left all others empty, or put into some fuel and restrict usage if u need for adjusting CoM.

Author — Acid_Burn9