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Fast&Up Reload hydration drink contains a unique combination of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidant and Carbohydrates for instant hydration and replenishment of nutrients essential for hydration. Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chlorides are the major electrolytes lost during training and travelling. With the right combination of electrolytes, Fast&Up Reload electrolyte supplement is gentle on stomach and helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance. It maintains the body fluid balance and helps replace fluids lost by sweating and relieves muscle exhaustion and muscle soreness. It provides sustained and instant energy without having any sudden spurts in sugars. Available in a range of flavors like berry, blueberry, caffeine + cola, cola, fizzy apple, forest fruits, lime and lemon, orange and peach ice tea.
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Captain Amrish Kumar Adhana India's Best Athletic Coach. A South Asian Gold Medalist at 3000m s/c event and participated in more than 15 International Athletic Championships. Presently He's training athletes from last 20+ years and produced many athletes who have represented at National and Internationa level like - Olympics World Championships Asian Games South Asian Games Military Games etc.
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India ke mahan coach ke charno mera baar baar pranam

Author — Ramlakhan Rana


When to use sir after breakfast or lunch

Author — Subash Champ


Tablets jaroori hota h kya sir
Dry fruits nhi kr skte h y kaam ??

Author — Harsh


1600 m new workout 4.40 plz sir banavo I request 🙏

Author — Ganesh Gaming ff


हेलो सर मैं 3 साल से रनिंग कर रहा हूं पहले मेरा टाइमिंग आता था 4:36 उसके बाद में सर मैं इंजरी हो गया फिर 6 महीने बाद रनिंग शुरू किया अब मेरा टाइम ही आता है 5:26 तो सर में पहले जैसा रनिंग कैसे लेकर आऊं अभी मैं किस तरह के वर्कआउट करो सर जो सर मेरा पहले जैसा टाइमिंग आ जाए (1600) मीटर मैं

Author — Papai Ghosh


Guri ji namaste sir monthly fees kitni hai including hostel 👍 plz reply

Author — Para Commando


Sir fast&up ka pre workout use kr sakte he kuch dikkat to ni hogi🙏🙏 plz sir repley

Author — Akash Rajput


Sir esko workout ke pehle le ya bad me with water ke sath

Author — athlete nihal


Sir commonwealth game ke liye trial kahan per hoga aur kab hoga

Author — Pradeep Yadav


Sir please fee mai kuch relaxation mil skta hai kya

Author — Half Scientist


Sir mera running hai 2 june koh 1600 meter in 8:30 meh
But meri preparation utni achi nhi hai meh kya karu plss batayiye

Author — A small town girl