Perino: Democrats agitated, want someone who fights

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Perino: Democrats agitated, want someone who fights 5
'The Daily Briefing' host Dana Perino on on whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's abortion views are being twisted out of context by Dems. #Tucker

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If the liberal media didn’t have fake news, they wouldn’t have news at all.

Автор — Gary Gnu


Remember to vote in November, everyone. Vote Republican!

Автор — coffeegirl


There are actually pills used to induce abortion but they aren't birth control pills. Liberals short on facts and long on feelings.

Автор — Proud smelly Wal-Mart person


*Dimocraps to the USA:* "We WON'T live in the *REAL WORLD!* we won't we won't we won't!!! We'll *stamp our feet, shake our curls and hold our breath 'til WE TURN BLUE!*

Автор — Brian Crane


Donald Trump is fighting for all the people in this nation. The Democrats are just too stupid to figure this out

Автор — john clark


Put me on the list for a fight ... Trump is my president

Автор — David Rhodes


If there are some smart people in the Democrat party who are they? I haven't seen any in over 12 years.

Автор — J P


This is what they do after losing, imagine what they would have done if they won. How does any breathing person still trust them?

Автор — James Hewitt


the anti-Kavanaugh commercials here in Maine are getting ridiculous

Автор — Andrew Myers


Not surprising, lie, cheat and steal dems. Stooges.

Автор — Z1000 Kawasaki.


The left needs to wake up. Stop thinking that 4 years or 8 is worth the destruction of an empire.

When you lose a fight you regroup.. don’t fight dirty.

Автор — Gavin Thornton


Trump isn't resigning nor is he getting impeached. Simple question for leftist, haters & trolls.
Who do the democrats have to have to run against our leader President Trump? :D

Автор — The Skeletons Daisy


What would you expect from a ‘woman’ who obstructed justice by alarming illegals about an impending ICE mission?

Автор — Johnny Quest


Democrats like sucking the oxygen out of a room. They think it will help them breathe better.

Автор — TOM


And they say Trump lies! It's proof of an idiot voting for Dems.

Автор — teton scot


Dems are dirty and impure. GOP- also impure- but to lesser degree. Christo Jesus 110% pure. An innocent Lamb slaughtered for you. His blood makes you pure in God's eyes. Repent and turn back to God now. Jesus loves you! Praise the Lord!

Автор — JR Christlove


If the Dumbocrats get in kiss our country goodbye. They are nothing more than radical kooks that are incapable of running even a popsicle stand.

Автор — Ed Gallagher


As a smart, educated woman who knows lies when I hear them, I am appalled by the people I voted for blatantly lying and making false statements once they get into power, make me want and hope they all do go to Hell and burn ... But, it does say something about them morally and also shows there lack of Honesty and integrity .. So, yes we need to vote them out so they can go back to the places where no one will remember them in time.. Ninette Bird - The Caribbean Wife.

Автор — Robert Bird


Can't wait until Kavanaugh becomes a Justice. The left are gonna be like that "screaming at the sky when Trump became President" lady for a good few weeks afterward.

BTW, Dana is looking fine these days. Damn. ;-)

Автор — anthony norton


How do people not think this kind of behavior is psychotic!? Of course, we know it's psychotic, but there's still a lot of people that don't....that is disturbing to me!!
Trump 2020!!

Автор — DarkLight