Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 4.5

Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can't believe we're saying that either.

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This is a lot worse to watch now that it’s June 2020

Author — Lord Keltain


"If he runs the country like he runs his business" - 4 years later the country has 20 million unemployed over a 188k in deaths dying and climbing, riots in the street and stormtroopers gassing people outside the whitehouse. He ran us like his business, into the ground.

Author — Drayonis


Update: the time travelers were unsuccessful

Author — Bella Dicax


I'm here from the future. He is currently president, and the country is in flames, and celebrities are virtue signaling.

Author — Solo Hazard


#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!! WE'RE CLOSE TO ALLOWING A BIG MISTAKE INTO THE WHITE HOUSE. And before anybody says the joke "DER YOU MEAN OBAMA?" No. I mean Donald Trump.

Author — KidBehindACamera


Four years later:
- got impeached(but not removed from office)
-America is in recession
-Global pandemic going on and there's no official testing in America
-stock market is tanking
-foodstamps are being cut
-Trump is still in debt and trying to get reelected

Author — Name Name


I’m watching this in 2020 and it is SO DARK. Sometimes I forget that there were other republican candidates. We could’ve had Marco Rubio. He wouldn’t have been good at all, but he wouldn’t have been THIS.

Author — Jack Landis


July 2020: Why didn't the country listen to John Oliver in 2016 when they had the chance...

Author — joe mitchell


In 4 years from 2016 you will discover that a tik tok hamster offered more useful public health advise due to the coronavirus than the U.S president Donald Drumpf.

Author — victor privin


Anyone else pee on the side of the toilet at night so you don't make any noise?

Author — Nick's Strength and Power


Wow, Trump used to be able to bring water to his mouth without help of his other hand! How wild

Author — Riley Pearce


This video could not be more depressing in retrospect.
~Sad American, February 2020

Author — Still Deubell


2020 here: He's in charge of a pandemic... you can guess how that's going.

Author — Mark-David Chandler


July 1st 2020: And despite all this prescience commentary, Donald Drumpf pulled off the greatest con in history and we are all paying the price now

Author — Mister Flibble


"I am highly educated. I know words. I have the best words." - Donald Trump

Author — Niki McNally


Calling Trump “morbidly obese” three years before it was cool

Author — Will O'Connell


Who would have thought, 4 years later that things could be much worse with this #stablegenius in the White House. My God, I hope I don't have to revisit this video in 2024 and say the same thing.

Author — John Simpson


He tried to warn us. They didn't listen. Now the USA is doomed.

Author — Tim Aepelbacher


Wow watching this in 2020 it's amazing how dead on John Oliver was. If only more people took the warnings about him seriously.

Author — Renee Lasswell


That back mole as become full blown stage 4 cancer.

Author — Noah Brinson