Driving Thru St. Peter's Cape Breton Nova Scotia

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Home of the St. Peter's Canal

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That's my home town and still live here to this day

Author — Blake Snowdon


Things have changed so much, for the better, since this video was taken. Two of the big things are: a two lane canal and Jiggys.

Author — Gloria MacDonald


Love St.Peters.My home away from home.

Author — Derek collins


What a wonderful trip down memory lane. My husband was from there and we had taken our dream vacation to his home town in 1986. Wonderful place and people. The "downtown" area has grown and changed quite a bit in the form of retail, but other than that, has remained the same. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey!

Author — Kathy Sampson


XD I remember saint peters from a trip to P.E.I I love P.E.I. I live in Cape Breton and it is awesome but if you are moving there from somewheres else it will take some time to get use to everybodys accent XD

Author — Anonymous


I live here lol i live near Murrays beach idk how to spell Murrays beach

Author — Checky


Hello Brian, i love your city, very very nice👌👌

Author — Silvia Gomes Gomes Alves


But Still The Wind Comes In *Cape* *Breton* Is A Wind In Northeast!

Author — Liang Chen


i have not been there in about 20 years, pretty quiet there

Author — rampage


Well this is old and very confusing the first part is from Sydney direction and just before the canal it switches to from Port Hawkesbury way, also this bridge is two way traffic today =( Enjoyed the drive through St Peters =)

Author — leona gilbert


Population is a lot more than a thousand...as of 2001, the population was 2634. It's best not to guess at a towns population....especially when you clearly haven't researched information about the place.

Author — Kiki Ski