How to Hook a Bowling Ball

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How to Hook a Bowling Ball 4.5

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As a silver coach I'd like to commend the maker of this video.  You do not need to "force" the ball to hook.  Proper release will allow you hook without having to snap your hand over / around the ball.

A few points to add:
1) Point 4 in this video is very important; let the ball fall in your swing.  Do not try to throw the ball; let your body and timing control the speed through a free swing. 
2) Let your bowling shoulder drop as you start the approach to help your body at the end to be in position for release behind the ball.  Notice the bowler's dropped shoulder on approach through release.  This bowler has great body position to demonstrate it.
3) Rotate the bowling hand open on the back swing.  If you were to pull the thumb out of your ball at the top of the swing it should point towards the sky (not necessarily straight up) This will help keep the arm straight and get the hand in the proper position behind the ball on release.  This bowler is not doing that but is able to get a nice release without it.
4) Start the acceleration (add muscle) only towards the bottom of the swing and through the follow through.  I tell my students to feel the "load" build on the thumb.  When the hand is in the proper position, once the thumb is released the weight will quickly shift to the finger tips and cause a "snap" on the rotation.  You need to be accelerating at this point and following through to get the maximum rotation on the ball.
5) As they say in the video... You need "time" and lots of practice.  This is easy mechanics once you learn it, but it will feel funky as you learn.  People have a tendency to think bowling is "easy" but it's a skill that needs to be built.  Not only do you need to build skill, but you'll need to build muscle and muscle memory. (or unlearn bad habits)

On a proper release you should see a low access rotation on the ball (not looking like a helicopter and it should "appear" to accelerate as it starts into the hook through into the roll.

You do not need to force the ball to hook, normal mechanics will cause the most powerful hook you can create without "funky" hand / wrist mechanics.

Very well done. Thanks.

Author — AntariMysteec


Thank you: To the only video that explains anything.

Author — kylie green


0:48 "Index and middle finger" should be "middle and ring finger"

Author — 3PiecesOfBread


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Author — David Martinez Villegas


So far this is the best tutorial I've seen by far. Most of the pros don't know how to teach it in a video.

Author — SYN30STM


Now, I could do this, if only I could actually hold a ball that far out xD

Author — Kitsune


This video rules. Helpful, informative, excellent. I am very happy that I watched it.  I will take what I've learned here and go to the lanes and try it. Thanks

Author — canefro


I've taken to having a friend hidden with an air rifle incase there's a pesky pin that doesn't want to fall 😉

Author — T M F


Time? I learned two handed bowling in 3 seconds
step 1 : Put 2 fingers in the bowling ball
step 2 throw the ball
step 3: if it feels natural keep doing it and youll be a good two handed bowling

Author — Kai Kimura


One of the best tutorials I've seen on this subject, on you tube.

Author — Benjamin Henry


When I do this I don’t even put my thumb in the ball... I put my fingers in to the first knuckle... and don’t swing all the way back... about halfway and when I release I twist my wrist.. perfect spin everytime! Once you have your spin down and how hard your gonna spin it. Now you can adjust where your going to stand. I usually stand as far left as possible as I throw with my right. I’m no pro but I get a fair share of strikes... put it this way... my best game was like 200. So far from perfect. But if I had to put my thumb inside I doubt I would be able to hook it without breaking some fingers.

Author — Kevin A


Hey, Can you clear one queation from me?
Is it valid to just stop at the foul line and swing your arm 3-4 times before delivery?

Author — Vaibhava Gupta


Thank you for the tutorial! Lol this bowling alley looks like all star lanes in tooele, UT

Author — DeMentD Kitty


I'm watching this currently in a bowling center lolol.
Now I'm gonna beat my fiends ass!

Author — Mara


Out of all the videos I wantched on this topic this is the only one that really helped me and saw immediate results. THANK YOU

Author — Joshua Hebert


Love this turtorial, helped me get a 240 game, thanks and keep up the good work.

Author — Jordan Lampitelli


This was fantastic! I've been bowling recreationally forever and nobody has ever explained this to me...can't wait to practice with the football & then try it out at the bowling alley!

Author — zuzama2


I’ve been trying this but it’s harder than I thought. My ball sometimes does curve but it often goes out of the alley before hitting any pin.

Author — Flying Angel


finally ! thanks this helped alot I hook but wasn't consistent and I couldn't figure out why this video fixed that bravo sir you are a great man!

Author — tronarat


Thank you for making this, t is the first time I have found a video that actually explains it in detail

Author — Mike Ski