Oppo Find X: Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy It (Yet)

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Oppo Find X: Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy It (Yet) 5

The Oppo Find X is a smartphone you probably shouldn't buy yet – but not for the reasons you think. Yes, it's a more fragile phone than the competition, with a motorized camera module that seems fated to fail someday. To quote the great Montgomery Scott, "The more they overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."

But to me, carrying a phone as beautiful and unique as the Oppo Find X is worth the durability tradeoff. After all, not every device is meant to hold up to the rigors of carelessness, and you've got to expect some compromises in a device made to stand out in 2018. However well-founded they may be, those durability concerns obscure what I think is the more pressing problem with the Oppo Find X: ColorOS. Oppo's custom Android interface insists upon itself so aggressively that it actively prevents the user from installing a custom launcher. To be clear, I didn't expect a cakewalk when trying to adapt an overseas smartphone for North American use – but this is the first Android phone in memory that actively prevents the user from enjoying one of the key benefits of Android: the ability to customize the interface to suit their needs. Oppo tells me a software update is due to fix some of the bugs complained of in the above video ... but until this launcher lockdown policy is lifted, I won't be dropping this phone in my pocket. Join me for additional impressions after five days with the Oppo Find X!



MrMobile's Oppo Find X Preview was produced following five days with an Oppo Find X review device (model PAFM00) purchased by Mobile Nations. The device was tested on Project Fi (T-Mobile US) in Greater Boston, MA, USA.


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💬 Comments on the video

Brilliant video. That blue is awesome looking. And I totally agree! Durability is not the *only* factor to consider when buying a phone. The Find X is seriously one of the coolest looking phones out right now. Even if it is fragile.

Author — JerryRigEverything


Oh boy, most of these ColorOS issues were already present and well documented back in 2015/16 when I worked for them... Doesn't leave me with too much confidence that they will actually fix them now

Author — TechAltar


I agree about the software. Worst thing about the phone. I can't uninstall everything and still get a bunch of notifications in Chinese. :/ I was able to install Google services pretty easily, though.

Author — Phone Battles


The European version allows third party launcher to be used!

Author — ben's gadget reviews


if they made the find x in a boxier design like a sony without a curved screen or curved corners with the same mechanism i would be sold, also there is no need to have the selfie part be mechanical why not just pull it out with a finger maybe that would get around the waterproofing problem.

Author — taltigolt


Not going to lie, it's an amazing looking phone regardless of the other issues mentioned.

Author — Travis MCP


for myself I dislike this trend honestly... mainly because we are getting "sacrifices" just so we have a bezel less display...

Author — Concept Creator


That move is soo slick at 2:05! It was matrix level slick.

Author — Kaveer Dattoo


Ok now that's a good sponsor. Ya look sharp, man!

Author — Project: Graham


As always, not even talking about the video editing and quality, the best text on the YouTube's smartphones coverage. Always a pleasure to hear. You could podcast this easily.

The back protection of cameras remind me the great days of the SonyEricsson's phones. I'll always miss my C510.

Author — Silvio Britto


This is such a good looking phone though.

Author — David Hunsinger


The motor is certified for 300, 000 uses (150 uses a day for slightly more than 5 years). Like you said, the atrocious software is the real issue

Author — Anthony Mendenhall


who puts phone on theyre back pockets and sit on them? wtf? isnt that dangerous even if you have a really good quality phone?

Author — Harbbe


"Pee-ka-boo Module".. that should have been the official name xD

Author — Ayush


Vivo Nex is a better bezelless alternative IMO. Headphone jack, underscreen fingerprint scanner, all that jazz.

Author — Jason Ling


The software is like an apple phone, very limited. The very fact that you are stuck with their launcher is a big NO NO

Author — koolyo2foots


If YouTube doesn't work out, look into doing commercials for Bombfell. You promoting them alone makes me want to join.

Author — Antonio Lansang


A bit too away from the ordinary for my liking to be honest, sacrifices practicality for novelty, good for those that want that or makes a decent centrepiece to a conversation though!
Nice sponsor too this video, that outfit looks great! Might give them a go ;)

Author — Adam Burns


If Samsung doesn't put a display like this on the S10 it's game over. Kudos to this company for actually innovating and proving that a notch is not necessary.

Author — M Morales


*Peak-a-Boo Module* Best Given Name Yet !!

Author — Fahad Nazir