Jean Rondeau records 'Vertigo' for harpsichord (Royer)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

'Vertigo': album out February 2016.
France’s leading young harpsichordist performs works by two masters of the French Baroque. No surprises there, perhaps … but the harpsichordist in question is Jean Rondeau and the album is called Vertigo. It conceives the harpsichord in vividly theatrical terms. Vertigo takes its name from a dramatic, rhapsodic piece by Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer, who, along with Jean-Philippe Rameau, forms the focus of this album (recorded in the sumptuous Château d'Assas on its magnificent harpsichord).


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I have played this piece many times on my Henri Hemsch harpsichord. And I have listened to it played on several other instruments and by several other artists. None can compare to the exquisite interpretation, inspiration and passion with which Monsieur Rondeau has infused this miraculous composition.

Author — Paul Weidig


Jean Rondeau gives me hope for a new generation of musical talent to revivify the classical world. Young people are turned off by the stodgy, uptight culture surrounding this music, and Jean actively defies that trend while delivering fiery interpretations of music that is often plagued by the sterile, clinical, and academic approach that is so popular today.

Author — The Atavist


It's true! Bach said that if you put your fingers on the right keys at the right time, the instrument plays itself!

This young man is very gifted. How lucky I feel to visit his world for a few minutes. He's the best harpsichord player I've (ever) heard in all my years of listening to recordings and live performances of this instrument. Proud parents I guess, huh?

Author — Saint Steven


That particular harpsichord leaves me at a loss for words.  It is an amazing instrument. (and so is the performer)

Author — andrew marvell


One of the things I love about this recording is that the audio engineering is outstanding. You can hear the sympathetic vibrations of all the strings and the resonance of the instrument, e.g. when Rondeau waits for the sound to fade away at 3:50-3:54, at the end of the piece, etc. A lot of harpsichord recordings don't manage to capture that stuff.

Author — Jordan Bradford


Jean Rondeau regenerates the art of the harpsichord in giving new insights musically as well as technically. He has it all with an astonishing liberty of expression. Composer - interpret - listener are a triangle that Rondeau makes his and with an intransigent aesthetic. This aesthetic is always different and interesting with nuances rarely heard on this instrument. His “naturalistic” interpretation makes wonders. Thank you for posting videos of this truly extraordinary interpret !

Author — Emmanuel Benador


The harpsichord sounds very limited to many modern listeners used to concert grands, but great 18th century musicians poured their full passion into these little instruments. Rondeau gives us a wonderful sense of the emotion that the original harpsichordists brought to their playing.

Author — CKB


I've never heard this piece before. Not only that it as a fantastic piece of music, also the video is beautifully made, very esthetic 👍

Author — Phantom IV


He was born to play that instrument. He leaves the listener breathless. A shattering experience.

Author — Ian Sloan


Magnifique interprétation Le clavecin est un instrument de virtuosité sous les doigts de Jean Rondeau ! !

Author — MarieClaude Ruelle


я никогда не слышал, чтобы кто то играл настолько технично и плотно. И красиво. Каждая нота словно чудо. Брао, мастер!!

Author — о. Пездоний


The harpsichord is such an amazing instrument... it sometimes sounds like there are multiple instruments playing at once - a whole orchestra in the hands of one talented man!

Author — Shmii


I almost had a stroke... The contrast between the delicate parts and the more rapid ones is fantastic.

Author — amrcg


I do not exaggerate: My hair stands on end, delicious goosebumps everywhere, and a particular euphoria overcome me every time I listen to this recording. I can't imagine more drama and excitement in a solo performance on a harpsichord, or perhaps any instrument.

Author — Lyndsey MacPherson


I must have watched this about 20 times as well as buying his album. This is the best version of Vertigo I've heard. So much emotion in this!

Author — Ubacat


Great recording. Props to the engineer(s). Very full and forward. So many harpsichord recordings are too polite and quaint. This one really kicks, and I think it's awesome.

Author — Yakov Gaudofshmansky


Gorgeous all around.  The piece, the player, the video.  Perfection.

Author — cpanati


The moment the lid opened my heart jumped a beat. What an instrument! And what a player. Jean Rondeau must own a time machine, he transports us back to the baroque period so effortlessly and adds in his phenomenal technical skills on the instrument to give us a performance so superlative that it feels like the harpsichord (treated with such revernce in the opening scene) will escape from the castle and rampage all around Europe. Chapeau Jean!

Author — Mark Dougherty


Cela sonne vraiment comme un orchestre ! C'est très étonnant et prodigieux.

Author — Eberlin Pascal


Jean Rondeau est un musicien exceptionnel ! Virtuose et humble

Author — operalover42