How this young prince seized power in Saudi Arabia

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How this young prince seized power in Saudi Arabia 4

MBS is transforming Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Mohammad bin Salman was designated as Saudi Arabia's new crown prince in June 2017. Since then, he has rapidly consolidated power and led Saudi Arabia towards some progressive reforms, such as granting women the right to drive. He also has plans to privatize certain segments of the economy, with the goal of reducing Saudi Arabia's economic dependency on oil. These changes, along with a suppression of Saudi Arabia's religious Right, could potentially begin to destabilize one of the Middle East's most powerful nations.

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Literally no one in Saudi calls him Mr. Everything...

Author — Sulaiman B


I lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years. And they never called him Mr. Everything.

Author — Mohamed Ali


I love how many people hate this video just because Vox called him the wrong name

Author — Akorn


Only thing I learned is that no one calls him Mr. Everything

Author — Blue Mob


He bought a painting that is worth 1 fifth of my entire country GDP

Author — Shaft King


I am from a different dimension
Even we don't call him Mr. Everything

Author — Madhur Gupta


I live on Pluto and no one calls him MR EVERYTHING!
PS. OMG thanks for the likes peeps!
Earth looks beautiful from here😳

Author — Iconic ꕔ


I dont know what I am gonna call him. But everyone here seem to call him “Not Mr. Everything”. So thats what I am going to call him: “Not Mr. Everything”.

Author — Tom Toy - Thế giới đồ chơi


No one cares if he is not called mr everything or not, that’s the only comment I can find 😂

Author — Pascal Buffalo


I live in Saudi Arabia and no one calls him mr everything you just created that😂

Author — Burger Turtle


Vox: "The changes that this leader is proposing could lead to some instability."
Commenters: "yOu gOT hIs niCKnaME wrOnG!"

Author — Nick Zardiashvili


I’m from Vox and we call him Mr. Everything

Author — The Great Premiere


If there’s anything we’ve learned throughout history is that whenever westerners especially their media attack someone it means s/he’s doing something good for their country 👍🏼 and I’m not Saudi

Author — Lixi i


MBS Is a hero! He gave women their rights!

Author — Sam HL58


I am from Saudi Arabia. we do not call MBS "MR.everything". 0:49

where do you get your sources from ?

Author — Ammar عَمّار


I don't understand why all these western media criticize leaders who are trying to develop their country and bring them out of corruption. Love to Saudi Arabia from india. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — Akshat Gupta


Politically he is called disaster for saudi 😂😂no one calls him mr everything 😂😂

Author — Hassan Ayub


"Mr Everything" we just call him crown prince Mohammed bin Salman..

Author — M A T R I X


The only one we can call him mr. Everything is the god

Author — namer black Knight


lmao, No one in Saudi calls him Mr. Everything.

Author — TheYasawy97