Pegboard Hook Solution !

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Cheap & easy solution for hanging basic tools on your pegboard!
Buy a bag of 1/8" tipped, 1" long plastic wall anchors with screw nails included. Then press them in with your palm, insert the screw, or longer ones of your choice, and hang basic tools.
Use needle nose pliers if needed to remove.

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Great ideas from simple amazing idea....congratulations dude.

Author — Jorge Rocha


Hi Kyle - Do you have the manufacturer or a part number for those? Cant seem to track em down based on the visual. thanks for posting

Author — David Byrne


You Kyle are the man!! What an awesome and practical idea

Author — Patrick Firth


Who doesn't love a good home hack to save a buck and trips to stores !

Author — The Winner Within


awesome solution to a very annoying problem👍

Author — Keiths487


Why did I come across this right after I just bought 100 pegboard hooks? Oh well, they were cheap anyways. Good idea though!

Author — Aꙅꙅ dAↄkwAᴙbꙅ


Absolutely ridiculous! You can’t hang everything on that. Duh! 😖

Author — Gearjammer


Thank you and God Bless You Too, John McClane from Die Hard 2

Author — Braga Mitra


no it didnt work.. theres much better ways the screws will scratch up the tools

Author — Jack