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Today we are here with Russia for the 2018 World cup DLC. I've always said in the past we do every nation despite what is happening in the world. This really wasn't the gameplay I wanted especially when I was trying to recreate some of Russia results in the real 2018 world cup, but I think their rating was really deceptive. I hope it is enjoyed and I hope you all aren't too mad at this one

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This may be a slightly controversial episode but in order to 100% the DLC we had to play as Russia otherwise if I didn't, I would get complaints about not using Russia. I’ve always said in the past we do all national teams and I want to stick to it. Either way some people may not be happy, and I fully understand that 🙏

Author — Toboloco


Russia is very controversial ATM currently banned from all Uefa competitions and the world Cup but not from AFC which confederation they could join hope this Russia vs Ukraine war ends .

Author — declan gaming 24


I think the World Cup mode for Fifa 23 is coming out very soon when it does do a run with Qatar

Author — Oh Yeah Mr Krabz


I love that you don't take any sides but you stand upp for yourself and the mic is good only the audio is little lo

Author — ErmanL22 Beg


There are nations all over the world with controversial facts and atrocity, I don't think any country in the world is spared of having done something horrible, but the people shouldn't be punished or generalized for the actions of a few, or their government. Good video, poor performance, but still glad you made this video! The relations between Russia and the west may seem irreconcilable, but I hope peace will come soon, and also I hope Russia and Russian clubs will be able to play in uefa and fifa tournaments again one day.

Author — no way man


They'll throw a Modern Warfare 5 on the pitch midway through the game XD

Author — LevsGamepl33YT


Hope the war ends, and that the Russian speaking ppl in the Donbass can be safe from far right extremists, and can live peacefully either as Russian citizens, or Ukrainian citizens 🇺🇦 🕊️ 🇷🇺

Author — De'Aundre Bonds's CHEEKS


In the fifa world cup 2022 mode play qatar 🇶🇦 first with the actual groups

Author — John Vanguard


I was so sad about that war Russia vs Ukraine all my respects i support Ukraine not Russia no world cup for Russia anymore just in 2018

Author — Cristian Grama


Do you think it is still possible to buy FIFA 18 for PC? If it is, can you still download this free DLC for it?

Author — Aczél Bálint


The world cup 2022 dlc is out. Just played it. For the people who played it, did you notice smth about cameroon. For people who havent played the dlc i will explain to you calmy. CAMEROON HAS GENERIC KITS. yeah i get that they released their kids 4 days ago but EA could have added their old kits i would respect that a little. BTW nations like uruguay, serbia, ecuador that arent in the main game dont have their NT logos on the players' coats when they walk out the tunnel. Playing the PES 2016 EURO 2016 dlc is better than this crap, though i will still appreciate series on it.

Author — FootV