Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 3: Airplanes

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I've crushed the flat earth into smithereens more times than I can count, twice now without using any science at all, but how about one more? There are lots of commercial airline flights that prove conclusively that the earth is a sphere, and not a flat pancake. This is because the Southern Hemisphere exists. Let's take to the skies!

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man this guy is harsh and I appreciate it lol

Author — The Horizon


Winning an argument against a smart person is difficult.
Winning an argument against a dumb person is impossible.

Author — Mujahid Islam


Fun activity
1. Get popcorn
2. Get comfortable
3. Sort by new
4. Enjoy the show.

Author — PurpleRain


As an Australian - and a well-travelled one who has several times been to South Africa, as well as Europe, and North America - I could not believe it when I first heard that there are a bunch of people who deny the existence of Australia! I am highly amused by the mental gymnastics required to support flat-earth theory.

Author — Sean Knight


This has too much facts and common sense. Flat earthers will not believe it.

Author — Heidrosign


Also, the idea that an airplane should *dip its nose* to go down is the most idiotic ever.
Have they even seen an airplane landing in their entire life? :D

Author — ChristianIce


I still believe up to this day that the flat earth movement is the most successful troll effort ever made.

Author — Caio Xavier


scientists: **show irrefutable data that prove that the earth is a sphere**

flat earthers: *can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars--*

Author — LE PENDU


oh GOD, I almost fell for the flat earth after joining one of their chatrooms with my little knowledge on things. Thank you, i almost went insane.

Author — EMC


I've flown Auckland, NZ to Buenos Aires, Argentina 12 hr flight. Years ago when airlines were allowed to fly over Antarctica my Dad flew Auckland to Buenos Aires by going over Antarctica. This was well before cell phones so no photos but said the white of snow and ice was a bit blinding and magnificent view.

Author — kiwiingrid


Please, Dave, go to a flat Earth conference and ask them questions they can’t answer! I bet we would all love to see that 😁

Author — Walkingdeadman1991


I live in a southern part of Australia and I can attest to the fact the wind speeds are usually between 5-15kph (that’s an estimation) Australia would not be a habitable place if there where constant cyclonic winds that changed direction every time a plane went past. They used to say all Australians are paid actors and it doesn’t exist lol 😂

Author — James Andrews


Even fleas think dogs are flat but dogs are not flat

Author — Lemuel DeHostos


I find it hilarious that Professor Dave still replies to some comments on these videos and keeps distributing slaps in the face to some folks, it’s really entertaining.

PS: Your videos about relativity helped me ace me physics exam!

Author — Charles Malmasson


On scimandan's channel a clip of a flat earther was presented where the narrator explains that the reason we see curvature is because our eyes are curved. It's pretty much hopeless at this point because you're not dealing with someone who has a question about the natural world and how it works but someone who is dealing with loneliness and desperately needs attention or someone who is a sociopath and doesn't really care what kind of chaos they cause tricking people into believing nonsense. It's one thing to make up stories about flying, flame breathing dragons, or a race of pointy-eared beings who turn from ceramic clay into living beings in the garden when we're not around but it's another to actively go out and deceive as many as possible into believing falsehoods about the world around us. I am certain there are flat earthers who couldn't care less what shape anything is but just love to see someone humiliate themselves publicly claiming the world is flat, leaving many to wonder what other faults in logic and reason a flat earth claimant may possess. Dave's criticism may be harsh but it's not without cause. Flat Earth needs to crawl back into the corner from which it came.

Author — The Casual DIYer


I love how he singlehandedly just roasted the shit out of them and proved them wrong at the same time

edit: did i just start world war three

Author — Oofer Mate


Dave are you ever gonna continue making flat earth debunk videos?? They seem very entertaining and get a lot of views

Author — Squifflebat4328


I looked at a "Flat Earthers" map... I asked him this... So, I live in the midwest.. (about the center of the map).. It takes me 24 hours to fly to Falklands which was on the extreme bottom of his map.. I then said I can fly to Greenland in about 14 hours (opposite direction)..

So how is it I can fly from Falklands to Greenland in 4 hours?

Author — randalljames


Winning an argument against a genius is hard, but winning an argument against an ignorant is impossible.

Author — Guillermo


"An absurdly long and totally unnecesary arc", God, so good to describe so many characters

Author — Germán Rinaldi