Coronavirus overtakes SARS death toll

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Coronavirus overtakes SARS death toll 4.5
The virus has officially killed more people than the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Tom Cheshire reports from a makeshift hospital in Beijing that was built during the SARS epidemic and is being re-built to treat patients infected with coronavirus.

The vast majority - 811 of the 813 recorded deaths - have been in China, where the virus originated.

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Imagine the number of unreported cases

Author — Joe Murray


They built a “hospital.”
Saying the Chinese government is more transparent 😂😂😂😂 What planet are these journalists on🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — SIX


Most of those deaths occured in China.
Perhaps now Chinese authorities will crack down on the consumption of exotic animals in markets across China.

Author — roguemale TheOne&Only


Doctor talking utter LIES again, this is way way worse than SARS !

Author — Light ofDivine


If only 800 deaths then why are crematorium running 24/7? Family members are banned from having funerals for loved ones, instead bodies are cremated within hours of death.. This is HUGE

Author — Graham Craig


Nothing to see here. Just building hospitals over night for no reason.

Author — person noname


Sky News has the nerve to say China is being more transparent, then in the same breath, the police make them delete their footage.

Author — Billy Ray


Strange that the 2% mortality rate is being repeated. This virus, unlike others takes up to around 3/4 weeks to kill someone in some cases. Deriving a percentage death rate from current deaths to confirmed cases is never going to be accurate. A better way to look at it is the complication rate, 20%+ people with the virus end up in ICU

Author — Mr. Pixel


its in every province in in every corner of the our pathetic governments are still deciding IF they should stop travelto and from china.your governments only care about money.

Author — skankhunt 42


if they stop eating animals that are not meant for eating then all of this is avoidable

Author — Sanche Khan


The death rate of the coronavirus in China has remained at 2.1% for days! No one on this earth other than WHO would believe these figures. The real numbers of the confirmed cases and deaths are much more than what China are revealing. Everyone outside of China knows it!

Author — cerise817


Bill gates predicted this years ago. That a disease would come out of China due to there poor hygiene and eating habits. China didn’t listen 😐

Author — Don 7


I still don’t know why China is trying to hide this disease

Author — pascal pascal


It makes me sad to thing as someone who lived in China for two years as independent British. May God bless the Lost souls in this virus.

Author — Peripatetic


CCP needs to disappear on earth! At this deadly moment they actually sent out fighter jets to circle Taiwan to threaten them

Author — Fiona C


Typical news making it seem bad when it's not going to affect us like it does in China

Author — tommyguntom32


this whole thing is screaming of lies and coverups... i am without a doubt sure that there are thousands upon thousands dead already. we the people outside china will forhaps never know! this is china we are talking about the biggest communist country in the world with a vile and insane leadership!

Author — Simon Dahl


1:04 Literally what is this lady’s point?

‘The virus is more serious because we can read about it.’

Author — Zayne Sovereign


This will spread like the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic.
Wait and see.

Author — J M


The population isnt increasing because of birth rates, its increasing because people are not dying like they used too. This is the natural cleansing of earth and key to sustainability.

Author — MrPancake615