Alain Ngalani's EPIC Wins In ONE Championship

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Alain Ngalani's EPIC Wins In ONE Championship 4.5

Whenever heavyweight powerhouse Alain Ngalani competes, fireworks are guaranteed! Relive all of “The Panther’s” victories in The Home of Martial Arts, including his highlight-reel spinning heel kick knockout of Mahmoud Hassan, and more!

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00:07: Alain Ngalani vs. Mahmoud Hassan
02:45: Alain Ngalani vs. Igor Subora
05:37: Alain Ngalani vs. Hideki Sekine
07:17: Alain Ngalani vs. Ariunbold Tur-Ochir

Author — ONE Championship


Homie looks like a ninja turtle with no shell

Author — King Dome


The referee was waiting for him to kill the second guy before he stops the fight.

Author — MajorrBison


"She u soon boi" - USADA to Alain Ngalani

Author — savvy830


Bruhh .. His third opponent was running after him because he thought that Ngalani was a chocolate statue smh

Author — Cheer_ Bro


Good to see that ONE is filling in for the PED-friendly void that Pride left

Author — Smitty Games


Second fight was NOT called soon enough. Did that guy owe the ref money or something??

Author — Adam


Alain looks like a fighter..scary looking guy. He's the kind of guy that when average tough guys see him they clam up real quick.

Author — Living In Christ


2:23 Egads, the guy's built like Mr. Olympia. I wish I looked even half that good.

Author — Roving Punster


Alain Ngalani the real panther from Cameroon; Africa in the house.

Author — Malembe Popov


I believe that this guy will lose at UFC tournament, ez peezy for any ufc fighter

Author — Yeszhan Kairkan


5:42 is this guy crazy just chasing him?!

Author — Excalibur


One of the most well built men ever. Damn what a physique!

Author — M. Nielsen


That 2nd dude was eating those punches like he was at the buffet. Damn...! He's face ain't gonna feel good the nxt day😲

Author — Hendrix Tarantado


His punches gonna kill someone 1 day..too much power

Author — travis wilds


The ref let the fight go long in the 2nd fight

Author — Shane Divix


The Panther! What a great character, and a very humble dude! Champ! OSU

Author — MJ


Ok I saw him smile when the girl gave him his metal ....

Author — Marie Fuentes


If someone told me I will fight someone named Alaine tomorrow, I will be like, Bring him on. Then seeing him, I would literally run

Author — Choge Silas


Hideki Sekine: "Let's make love", Ngalani: "Get off of me!!"

Author — Alejandro Agua