JDI shows 17.3' 8K Light Field holographic LCD, 13.3' 4K industrial, curved LCD, 1001ppi VR and more

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JDI shows 17.3' 8K Light Field holographic LCD, 13.3' 4K industrial, curved LCD, 1001ppi VR and more 4.5

Japan Display Inc (JDI) is an LCD technology joint venture by Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi since 2012. In this video they are showing their in-cell pixelize technology in a 16,7" automotive display with no eternal touch panel, local dimming back light, high contrast, curved conformed styles, 4x 12.3" bonded curved displays from pillar to pillar in the car, JDI has the top share of the automotive display market. JDI shows their industrial line of display products with long life support of 7, 10, 12 years of support, mostly built very rugged in their design, some outdoor viewable, zero bright dot deffect, touch screens, 6.4" XGA 1024x768 suitable for avionics, 7" 1280x720 700nits suitable for example for broadcast applications, 13.3" 4K with a small bezel in an industrial package. JDI also shows some of their future tech demos such as a 80% transparent display without a color filter or polarizer using sequential RGD LED lighting, 17.3" light field holographic 8K display allowing for an amazing holographic like effect for specially created holographic stills and even video where it appears that you are moving around the person in the video with wider viewing angles than other Light Field displays shown previously. JDI shows their 17,3" 8K display used for 8K broadcasting, they also have a new version of this 17.3" 8K display with BT2020 enhanced color support using red, green and blue lasers for backlighting. JDI does 11.45" E Ink shelf labels with some bright saturated red or yellow available. Ultra narrow bezel IPS-Nano LTPS LCD displays with wide viewing angles where the color uniformity is the same at any viewing angle for the medical market. JDI is the largest color LTPS LCD smartphone display provider. LTPS allows for the high pixel density. Full Active bezel-less LCD display like the 5.99" 18:9 with narrow borders on all 4 sides used in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Full active LCD with straight corners as used in the HTC U11+. JDI shows 15Hz to 60Hz variable refresh rate showing that even running UI animations at 15Hz there wouldn't be any image degradation which could save significant amount of power. JDI also works on Flexible OLED.

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Not sure how I feel judging other screens watching through my screen

Author — lidoz


He’s the kind of sale guy! I want to hire

Author — AriVovp


I always ignore Weston Fritz's calls as well.

Author — ShallowDepression


Great products and wonderful guidance, but the guy holding the camera is annoyingly ignorant.

Author — Chen Gong


13:30 Reminded me the scene from Madagaskar movie when penguins say

"sixty nine days"
"sixty nine days?"
"No, Six two nine days"

Author — Tharindu Dhanushka


Hologram screen is amazing. It even shows how amazing it is on regular video.

Author — MyMerMories


When he said 69 x 8k x 60Hz somewhere a Samsung engineer jumped off a bridge immediatly xD

Author — DasIllu


self driving cars give a whole new meaning to blue screen of death

Author — Afraid of Angels


69 8K images shown per frame for 60 frames per second....
He's not lying about that processing power.

Author — Somanithel Kheang


Deer lord when will they learn that 60 fps is the absolute MINIMUM you want a display to run at.

Author — GingerRuss75


another Great video such amazing technology! Thanks 🙏

Author — JP V


Thanks so much for all these disrractions when driving ! Can't wait for Apple to get into this segment and simplify and clean up everything ! The UX design looks holy crap !

Author — Jack0 Trades


Thanks a million, this sort of quality footage helps suppliers, consumers, and the economy as a whole... not only is it like being there but you also get a thorough guided tour :D

Author — Chris Ring


The way the interviewer just walks off in the beginning lmao

Author — Tyler Padgett


Chill everyone.
This demo is to showcase their technical capabilities.
That it CAN do all these things. All these features won't be enabled.

Author — Sacchi


Wow what a phenomenal spokesperson they have that man did such a great job explaining everything and practical applications of the displays.

Author — Nick Jones


I remember when corning came out with "A Day Made of Glass" and many said the concept of a car display like in the video would not be possible by the year 2020. Even saying this just 3 years ago. Well so much for that.

Author — Anthony Robertson


Anther great show this year. Promising up and coming year 2020. 😀

Author — Augustine Lopez


Zero bright dot, so they’ve designed it to fail closed instead of fail open 😂🤔

Author — Henk Poley


And how are you? Ignores question lol charbax always sounds like a paparazzi lol

Author — William Su