Champions Chess Tour: FTX Crypto Cup | Day 3 | Commentary by David, Jovanka, Kaja & Simon

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Great production, great coverage, and a show that is so levelled that you can watch it while you are busy doing other things. Thanks Chess 24!

Author — Jujje Elf


Liem is the opposite of Niemann : polite, smiley and composed

Author — GuduSaru


Hans also played well, he could have gone for a draw, think he wanted to go for a win and lost. best wishes to him too.

Author — SambaSivan


@3:50:00 awkward...the interview is happening with the sponsor just when the Carlsen-Aronian game has the champion sac a queen. LOL hard to cut away from the sponsor when that happens. Murphy's law in action.

Author — Ray Lopez


man feels bad for Anish...hope he comes strong tomorrow... Also Hans is playing superb fighting games...

Author — Rajviri R

Author just popped into my head that Anish Giri looks like Michael Jackson!!😂

Author — vanilla g


Chess24 mods sleeping on the job. The chat is a fucking cesspool.

Author — basketca2


God it would be nice to have an interivewer with broadcast experience who knows chess. This is just ugly.

Author — Steven


Wtf is this …. You should give air for all players ….🤷🏽

Author — Sa_Yed


Huh why does it start at the last game :(

Author — Maj U


Instead of worrying about chess, maybe they should serve their customers. I am not able to withdraw. Is FTX going the way of Celsius? Been on the platform for some time, recently got a ledger wallet and tried to move my crypto to it. I have less than 1k in BTC and ETH. Level 1 access should have been good enough.. tried to withdraw and got a message "Cannot make this withdrawal" started a ticket.. they said I was flagged for fraud. I had first tried transferring a small amount to verify the ledger was working. They said they could not fix it and I had to upgrade to Level 2.. which I did.. and I get the same result. I am unable to get my crypto off of the exchange. I asked for an explanation as to why my reasonable activity was flagged in the first place, they gave me none. It has been 2 business days since I have had any response on my help ticket and I still can't move my crypto.

Author — D Songwriter


5:11:04 Firouzja be like : I don't care about your stupid interview🤣

Author — WhatAbouter


Here the Tamil prodigy from India does it again. I like what Hans once said. Let the chess speak for itself. This puts to rest every argument. Tamil pride, India's honor. Let's celebrate!

Author — Juniper


We are beginning to see why Tamils are India's best brains
Let's do a cursory check
1) Most of the ISRO scientists from India are predominantly Tamil's - Tamils.
2) Tamil is the oldest living language in the world - Tamils
3) With Keeladi archaelogical findings the scripts found in Indus and Harappa were similar. It was found to be archaic Tamil. Means this sheds light, Tamils are the original inhabitants of India - Tamil's
3) Tamils gave India its culture and classical traditions - Tamils
4) The Golden age of India was the RajaRaja Chola - Tamils
5) Tamil Nadu produces most chess grandmasters and tamil prodigies as Pragnanandhaa & Dharmaraju - Tamil's
6) Modi said, Tamil the oldest language in the world

With all this why would Tamil's be not proud of their distinct linguistic, cultural and regional identity
One must be out of his mind !!! Remember, Tamil Nadu is a regional state in India, under a federal structure. Don't deprive Tamil's of their pride. Tamil's are a God gifted people .

A global enigma !

Author — Juniper