Seinabo Sey - I’m Just Mad (Bitch)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Starring: Seinabo Sey, Gustaf Skarsgård

Director: Nim Kyoung Ran
Producer: Joel Rostmark, Adam Holmström, Andrea Gyllenskiöld
DOP: Robin Asselmeyer

1st AD: Lova Sauk
AC: Jonas Jakobsson
Gaffer: Christine Leuhusen
Best Boy: Kenna Merdasa
Set Design: Susana Vall
Set Designer assistant: Charlie von Sivers
Stylist: Emelie Eriksson
Hair & makeup: Kendra Egerbladh

Director’s assistant: Michael Sjösten
Production assistant: Raja Levander

Editor: Sanna Rapp
Colorist: Nicke Cantarelli
Online: Johan Wiman
Sound Design: Felicia Steen Holm


Written by Carli Löf, Emmanuel Hailemariam, Isak Alverus and Seinabo Sey.
Produced by Carli Löf, Emmanuel Hailemariam, Isak Alverus and Seinabo Sey
Mixed by Aryan Marzban, mastered by Jonas Nordelius

Special thanks to:
Ljus & Bild media, Patriksson group, Mass productions

💬 Comments

Seinabo Sey is such a talented artist. She's underrated and I don't know why as she really is unadulterated talent. I love the song and the video.

Author — ephemeralsamsara


Love everything about this… the music, the lyrics, the artist, the video, Gustaf👍🏻♥️

Author — liz Damião


Very strong video, I'd even consider it as a short film more than just a video. Great collaboration! This is good art :)

Author — cassea


Absolutely gorgeous video. The vibe is real and I'm all for it.

Author — Cassie Boroski


Truly art. I’ll always be in love with Seinabo Sey 😭❤️

Author — Max Korn


I'm only here because I'm in love with Gustaf Skarsgård, I also just discovered a beautiful swedish singer. 🤍 from Perú 🇵🇪

Author — Izaskun Bijńü


This truly is on another level of wonderful and relatable.

Author — Absent Minded


This is my new favorite song- always a gustaf fan and now found an incredible artist worthy of more attention

Author — Sophie Hope


Seynabo sey is so good !!!
Gustaf is too good to be true. Omg does he really exist?? I think I love him 🥰



I love her soulful music! Go on gyal! Definitely checking her music out!

Also love to see Gustaf in this video as well💜🌹

This is a short film👍🏾🌹 I absolutely love it

Author — Movies Over Matter Productions


SHE GAVE US A WHOOOLE ASSSS MOVIIIEEE!!! Absolutely incredible, so so so proud<3333

Author — Adelaide Ndaw


Don't leave your man wondering what he did wrong you need to communicate with him and work things out together 🦾🦿

Author — Evelyn Ramos


Love how artists introduce you to other artists.☺

Author — Meredith R


Seinabo is 🔥🔥🔥 and so underrated!! I love the Gustaf Skarsgård colab too.

Author — Nina G


as always what ever you touche becomes magic

Author — zahur ahmed


I love it! Your videos are always amazing!

Author — Ujo Wadjet


Well I’m here because I was listening to Drake “No Friends in the Industry” and this video’s link popped up in the top left corner of my screen… and I clicked it. Before I knew it I believe I became a fan instantly. The song fits a current unfolding relationship between me and my befriend. She is amazing and this song resonates with me because the twists and turns of trying to regain calm between us seems rhetorical. Any whoop be nice and share this song with your b**** ass friend you love and care about 😂

Author — iTsPrafit


Beautiful song and awesome video. Absolutely gorgeous 😍

Author — AlteaLaFea


Loveeee the story telling in the video and song!

Author — Asher Jaffe


❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ captures a moment so honest.

Author — Cicely Murray