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We Want Paper September 2012
Aurora Skies Riddim - SoUnique Records

Director- Outaroad Films
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Lauded as Jamaica's winning entertainer of the summer, deejay Tommy Lee Sparta continues to blaze a trail. The fast rising star solidifies his place at the pinnacle of dancehall music with hit after hit. He adds to the buzz with the release of his brand new music video, We Want Paper. The lead track of the the highly successful Aurora Skies compilation is finally captured in visuals by outaroad films. We Want Paper has been a very popular hit throughout the Caribbean diaspora since its release earlier this year.

The song is a special one for the performer who is also the song's writer. It was penned to inspire youngsters to focus on working hard to achieve financial success. "Youths them a the future, we nuh want no fourteen shooter, fe mess up we dream like Freddy Krueger", words of encouragement from Tommy Lee. Neighborhood children chorused with the artiste word for word on the set. The adoring young fans are featured in several scenes.

The video was shot in the historic community of Port Royal, Jamaica. Tommy Lee believes that the once richest and wickedest city of the world was the perfect location for his video's production. He associated the town's wealthy and notorious past being contrary to the message of his song. He felt the urge to shoot there to bring a wake up call based on the mayhem that transpired before earthquakes ruined the properous capital.

Tommy Lee said that growing up he was always intrigued by the town's stories. The idea of treasure and pirates such as Henry Morgan and Black Beard was always exciting to him. His fascination from his first visit persuaded another video shoot in Port Royal for his controversial, Uncle Demon. The UIM Records produced, Uncle Demon is creating quite a stir in the streets. The video is now in post production and should be released next month.

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2022 and still listening this masterpiece it's a vibe never fades🔥

Author — Abel Yeggo partany


This guy made our high school days🇰🇪🇰🇪

Author — Wickliffe


This guy made our high-school days Saturday entertainment & Ball games 😂😂, , , 🇰🇪🇰🇪

Author — Dennis Kibet


This song was popular when I was in high school it send a positive message to the youths 💯💯💯🔥

Author — Gowon Clasp


This was a Kenyan anthem back at highschool 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🔥🔥

Author — Kiprono Mark


This guy is a legend forever. His Dancehall style is very unique in the system

Author — Durel Owusu


Still my favorite artist. There's something about his voice

Author — I Am Aqua


High school days... Never get old 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

Author — Stanley Kinyua


Those days in high school during entertainment session 😅😂, and this song is still rocking 👌

Author — Saitoti Ole Mwae


This is one of my favorite Tommy Lee sparta song....I just like the lyrics and message...I know he's not evil he's just singing to make money and feed his family and help his friends but some people misunderstood him.

Author — Nemesis Prime


2022 and still going strong ❤️🔥🔥iconic Sparta 🇯🇲🔥🔥

Author — Grandmaster


my high school moments were made by this guy, popcaan and vybz kartel

Author — Franklin Annan Gerald


In 2021 and this song is still a big tune, large up unuh self spartan soldier mob and mad love from kenya. +254😍😍😍👇🏾👍🏾gonga kakisonga.

Author — Moja Mbëksë Öffïçïäĺ


2020 and am still playing this tune🙏♥️

Author — Ritz Williams


Playing this again and again even in 2018 so it means Tommy Lee for life

Author — E M3


2020 ! I saw tommy Lee live in switzerland past year... Best show ever !!

Author — Ariel G


This song resonates with every Kenyan🔥🇰🇪💯

Author — Jon Carter


loving this tune tommy all who rise and not drop🙌🙌👑

Author — Marissa Fraser



Author — martin mukami


2021 and we still want paper.
Lots of love🇰🇪

Author — HopE Of MaN