The New Silver Eagles Are Just Terrible

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Here it is the Type Two Silver Eagles but Are They Worth Buying? Its a fair discussion and let me know in the comment section if its something you like. The American silver eagles have been the most popular bullion coin for years. The desirability and world renowned style have been highly sought after for quite some time. Silver eagles are nothing special as they are just bullion.

If you are stacking silver bullion and think this is a dud because of the design and now with the included premium, will you still buy it? I personally think there's better silver coins if you're silver stacking and I will discuss those in a later video. Let me know how you feel and what precious metals really get you fired up.


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No national pride, unpatriotic crap. Don't put arrows we might offend someone! Security features ?? A joke! Ok, I'm done, carry on!!!! All that aside looks like a great ROUND!

Author — Silver Moose


That round will single handedly increase the value of the older design over time, in my honest opinion.

Author — Eddie Jones


Got mine a few days ago. Not in love with type2, but no hate either. I prefer type1 as it just has a stronger presence.

Author — GE RC TX


Seems like the govt only knows how to make things worse 😏 I agree with you, they could have just kept the original design and just added the security features

Author — SilverArc


There was a lot of symbolism behind the Type I reverse. Pretty much all of that is missing from the new version. Also, the premiums are too high in general for silver eagles so I don't see myself stacking many of them. That's not even to mention the lack of any clear security like Canada and the UK mints have.

Author — QuickSilver


Yes I agree the new reverse eagle looks weak, feel like pride is missing from it, maybe it just me.

Author — Senor Spielbergo


As long as they are still one full troy ounce of fine silver, and do not have the image of the Lizard on them I am good. I do feel you on the lack of arrows.

Author — Sterling Cannabis


The security features could be replicated by Gomer Pyle in his garage in Mayberry. Seriously? I do like the design of the reverse though. I think with the polarization of politics people read way to much into the symbolism of the reverse. Because its holding an olive branch we are part of some new world order. It's a bald eagle it can still fly down and claw your eyes out with razor sharp talons. It's a bird of prey. It's soaring proud just like this great nation that we all love. It's kind of growing on me. Thanks SB!

Author — John Green


My ASE type two's are in the mail waiting for the delivery today ! Thanks for sharing, love your intro. Keep On Keep'n On !

Author — The Silver Sliver


Definitely needs changes. Should have at least had micro radial lines emerging from the sun in the background. Unfortunately I don't think they can work around the 25 year minimum to add security features unless confess gives them approval. The eagle on the new one is actually carrying an OAK branch (that will probably be a misconception for years lol), as if to add it to its nest like in nature, which I can appreciate the meaning of, as in each ASE is like adding a sprig to your own nest egg.

The 2021 Britannia definitely did things better as far as updating goes. I think the proof/reverse proof will look pretty great at least.

Author — James M


I don’t think there’s any other security features besides the missing reed honestly. Otherwise they would try to advertise it and make people want it more. Don’t think I will stack it either, not for a high premium at least.

Author — SilverGold Saver


The Type 2 is the "New Coke" of silver bullion. I'm shocked that anyone likes it at all.

Author — Outlaw Metal


lol- you are such a warmonger needing those arrows! NO PEACE! :) j/k nice vid as always. The 2021's are actually growing on me but man the QC for US bullion makes me not stack nearly as much (for the premium). Lose $5-$7 per coin when buying these days (if you decide to resell to the LCS). Love brits and bars of all types but to stack a pile of eagles is no longer a goal for me. just sold 15 rolls a month ago and I haven't missed 'em. kept the back dates and a few modern to have on hand.

Author — Big TX Bullion


Nice coins, SB. Isn't it funny how expensive they are considering all that they lack? Imagine if our mint wasn't in a rush and actually put some effort into this. The new Britannia has its flaws that we both know but eats it's lunch!

Author — Florida Stacker


I just don't think that the Chinese are ever going to be able to figure out how to put that notch in the edge of that coin.

Author — Bullion Addict


I just ordered 5 of the type 2. Not a huge fan of either old or new reverse. Would have liked the walking liberty half dollar reverse eagle to go with the walker obverse. great video.

Author — rAgtAg Stacking


got my tube yesterday, my first Eagles! the missing reed on the edge is a security feature so I don't believe this is a defect...I won't buy more until next year or when premiums come down 👍

Author — Texas Tourist


The new eagle has so much subtle intentional signs of weakness and submission, no arrows, bowed head, clipped wing, a more masculine lady liberty... none of that was by mistake.

Author — Jon Dombrowski


Have not picked up the type 2 yet, I will wait until the premiums come down a bit...

Author — Aloha Stacker


In my opinion, gold and silver Canadian Maple leaves are the way to go. The purity and quality is just better to me.

Author — Cody Weaver