1000 SUBSCRIBERS!! Ashley Reads Her Own Bad FanFiction! (to her mum)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

To celebrate her first milestone of 1000 subscribers, Ashley Storrie (all round hotty) reads the weird Harry Potter/Dirty Dancing fanfiction she wrote at age 18, while her mum laughs loudly at her (Contains strong language and poor spelling)

Thanks to everyone who subscribed! It meant a lot!

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💬 Comments

Give the people what they want! (Which is foot and mouth hippogriff stories 😂) actual howling at this!

Author — Amie Robertson


That was 12 and a bit minutes of pure magic :)

Author — Dàibhidh Donnachaidh


I was flopping backwards with laughter! 😂

Author — Sprinkles O Sprinkles


All the comments like "what does is take to get the foot and mouth story?"

It turned out we needed a global pandemic. No-one beg Ashley for more fan fiction, the world might end.

Author — Madison Rose


Your mother laughing is legendary! Congratulations on 1000+ subscribers. At 2000 you could act some fan fic out, maybe as a puppet show.

Author — Thomas Lill


Brilliant 😂 I now absolutely have to hear the foot and mouth story! Poor hippogriffs 😆

Author — Siobhán Malloy


Omg, my sides actually hurt from laughing so much. You two are hysterical!! 😂😂😂

Author — HeatherMac320


You had me guessing about the twist... I never dreamt it would be Crabbe and Goyle. And yet it makes so much sense. I rate this ‘T’ for terrific

Author — Rachel Frances


Come on, what do we need to do to hear the foot and mouth fan fiction?

Author — Carla Braid


This is rare! We demand to hear the foot in mouth saga! toot sweet

Author — Nhurm


Finally found time and some peace from the pesky kids, well worth the wait 😂

Author — Jen Wood


Loved It - I nearly peed myself! Crabb and Goyle, That picture will never leave my eeek.

Author — LM P


Lovely, quick witted and downright hilarious! Marry me! 😘

Author — Glen Arnold


I'm picturing Hagrid sobbing while he puts Buckbeak down with a captive-bolt umbrella.

Author — virtualglitter


Okay, no fucking joke. I have been binge watching some of your videos and was going to comment on one (but I didn't) that you remind me of Janey Godley for some reason. Guess I know what that reason is now, lol!!

Author — peals


I could not stop laughing at this! 5l colours of shite! belter 😂😂

Author — BohemianGinger


Funny as f..k. See, I’m incapable of writing the F word. I can say it, no bother! Congratulations on your first 1000, keep up the good work.

Author — Norma H L


OMFG when you started singing i lost it.

Author — JM


I don’t know what this is but it’s way better than Harry Potter 💪

Author — Grace Quant


"this was not in the rehearsal" 🤣😂

Author — Cannygrowabeard