How To Make a Free Energy Steam Engine At Home - Free Energy Steam Engine

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How To Make a Free Energy Steam Engine At Home - Free Energy Steam Engine 4
Hi Friends!:) Today I Will show How To Make a Free Energy Steam Engine At Home Free Energy Steam Engine
it is really work done and helpful video. any body have to need you can make your home.

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If this is real, then I'll present you with one question instead of the many I have: where is the steam going?

It has nowhere to escape. If you put water in a closed system and boil it to create steam, you get a bomb. So again, where is the steam going?

Don't lie to people my dude.

Author — Mcnuggatron


"free energy"
Such an idiotic statement proves just how easy these engines are to make

Author — Thomas Mullins


*How to make Steam engine*...Uses a motor in first shot

Author — Guyfromgantz


There is no exhaust port on the syringe for the cooled steam? How does this even work.

Author — Jamtoad


Absolute BS no admission and exhaust control system on the piston.

Author — Chris B


How does the steam escape. If there is no way for it to go out, then it would build up a pressure inside the can.

This is total hoax setup. Will not work if used steam is not let out

Author — Pracash A Narayan


5:39 of you look closely you can See a copper wire wich goes in the plate and this doesnt work at so Many Levels but good fake try hiding the wire next time

Author — Klompex 100


This is fake.. It won't work without an exhaust port.. What the hell!!

Author — ðiττμ R


He basically used forced perspective to his wires going to the little electric motor

Author — Hockey Sockeys


Like most things from this corner of the world it is a scam there is no such thing as free engery the whole thing is powered by a battery. Plus if it is free energy why the candles

Author — River churnet


Thank you for presenting this project. Excellent work



This is not free energy
You are use fire energy

Author — pubg adda


Lol make the first radio that works on steam 😂 y know? The CD?

Author — Fernando Tahiraj


that call mechanical to electrical energy.

Author — Darwin Pradel


in the middle of the cane and injection what

Author — kumar singh


Even if it was real it would've been a stream engine not free energy

Author — Fordman


I can see the wire connected to the motor

Author — Think about itt


How are you exhausting the steam, where are your valves?

Author — Polwarthful


Bhosadega yeh he staem engine apne gand mai dal de madar chord

Author — Surya Bhati


And the exhaust port is where ?? And also even if this wasn’t fake it’s not free energy you have a power source

Author — Toby Ayres