BELLI BELTS IT!!! Dodgers tie it up on Cody Bellinger's 3-run CLUTCH homer in 8th inning!!!

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Dodgers tie it up on Cody Bellinger's 3-run CLUTCH homer in 8th inning!!!

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Announcers: “You wanna hit a home run but a single or double will do just fine”

Bellinger: and I took that personally

Author — MarlonBitoy


He’s doing special things this postseason. Making up for literally EVERYTHING!

Author — ChrisTaylor3Fan


Love it belli, he making all the people forget about his regular season

Author — D3Clined 166


I was at the game and my GOD the amount of energy the whole stadium went trough was insane, not only the moments leading up to the homer but we were all on our feet United it felt amazing 🤩 I’m so happy this game couldn’t have gone better

Author — M C


This moment reminds me of the 1988 WS home run by Gibson. That homer didn't win the world series but it inspired his team to go!!!!

Author — Dan Solo


I still can’t believe it. Bellinger with one swing shifts the momentum, and the series is now 2-1 Braves. Game 4 should be fun.

Author — Benny No


Belli may have just given his team the World Series. What an amazing clutch player.

Author — Frisky _ Dart


Classic quote by Ron Darling “this game hasn’t been a piece a of art, so far for the Dodgers, but this Jackson-Pollock match up produces a hit!”

Well done sir…high level

Then when Cody goes deep, Darling says “YES, ” “YES!”

Author — Garse70


One of the most clutch home home runs i think i've ever seen. The whole team was depressed before that

Author — molinoek


One of the most unreal moments I've witnessed

Author — Kenny K.


We were losing so bad and all of a sudden, my guy Cody coms up to the plate and ties. Next thing you know, Mookie makes the winning run and we win after all that loss. LETS GO

Author — Mateo Acuna


I said the Dodgers were going to win tonight but it wasn't looking that way in the middle innings. What an epic comeback. Between Belli, Betts, and Jansen, the Dodgers have all of the momentum going into tomorrow night's game.

Author — Kate Marie


If I were Statcast, I’d double-check the distance on that shot. No way it only went 399ft. It sailed 50 feet over the 375 sign. I’d estimate 425.

Author — gurbie


As good as the series was with the Giants (legend status) this series is sure shaping up to deliver as well! GO BLUE! And GO BELLIE! So stoked for Cody, he hung in there after a awful season, he deserves this!

Author — mel niel


This comeback possibly shifted the momentum in favor for the rest of this series for the Dodgers. Unbelievable comeback and home run by Bellinger.

Author — Ryan Montes


To have the season he's had and then turn it around this way in the postseason is unreal. Dude has heart.

Author — NOWISM


Cody Bellinger hitting that high pitch for a three run homer was amazing, and then for the Dodgers to finish an unbelievable comeback was thrilling.

Author — George Griendling Jr


I’ve been to many amazing Dodgers games. This one by far was the best and loudest I’ve ever been to. Go Dodgers!

Author — He need some milk


This is starting to look like a repeat of last years NLCS 🔥

Author — In The Dream


My God...watching the Dodgers should be like that old school at your own almost every game I'm about to have a heart attack 😲

Author — obenavides98