Impassible Aura Of Flaming Death! - Neophyte [Early Access]

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

A mini topdown action roguelike with chaotic spell-slinging hack-n-slash combat. Collect spells, choose perks and discover powerful synergies to become an unstoppable monster-slaying wizard.


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Giving up the stacking regen with your aura had me begging at my screen to grab it when you walked towards the reroll 😂
Seems like it would have a snowballing effects after it ramps up each time to wipe a wave until stacks fall

Author — Khavacado


17:18 rare footage of wander successfully crossing the poison river without taking poison damage

Author — He Kirb


I love all of your videos. Your commentary and quick grasp of game mechanics are a joy. Please keep making content if you enjoy it!

Author — Josh Perlinger


If you think about it, there's no reason not to stack attack speed on bubble. Bubble is essentially an infinite range punch mechanically.

Author — Troy Roberts


Wow, that Ambush upgrade is terrible. Soul Survivors just has an upgrade with that effect without the downside. I guess if you got a ton of crit damage you could start one-shotting enemies but it's totally not worth it.

Author — Robert Williamson


Should i buy this game or wait for release? I never bought an early access before.

Author — T


Wow, I managed to catch a video 2 minutes after upload.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Author — Elric B


"if you can't make your own music storebought is fine"

Author — Wisp Pandemonium


How do I get this game? No download on steam page

Author — gh0stluv