[60fps Full風] からくりピエロ Puppet Clown, Pierrot - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade English Romaji

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[60fps Full風] からくりピエロ Puppet Clown, Pierrot - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade English Romaji 5
Don't make Miku-chan cry!! (≧ω≦)/ミクチャン ナカナイデ~!!

( Karakuri Pierrot Karakuri Piero 40mP Hatsune Miku PDA FT Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 初音 ミク )

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Don't make Miku-chan cry!! (≧ω≦)/ミクチャン ナカナイデ~!!

Author — googoo888


The fact you used the wedding module right at the end where the last lines in the song say that the singer is okay in this emptionally draining relationship, and specifically "manipulate me however you want, because I am your clown" makes the song feel so much more depressing than it should be.

Author — Umaru Umaru


when miku said "i'm sure i'm just a clown to you, right?" i felt that

Author — kekifeisuuu yt


That moment when ... you realize that a computer program can play a piano better than you.

Author — FroztByte Gamer


On how Miku is the *only* cute clown:

*Normal clowns*
Person: RUN

*Miku clown*
Person: I wanna stay! *acting like a child*

Author — Len Kagamine


I was 7-8 years old when I heard Vocaloid song for the first time. I just had got a new phone since old one broke and my sister downloaded some random songs in it. One of them was Ievan Polkka sung by Miku. I didn't know it was Vocaloid though back then, but 2 years ago I was watching random Youtube videos and ended up seeing Miku's song World is Mine. After that, I slowly started to like Vocaloids, and I'm now a big fan of Miku ^^


Author — lei


Congratulations for being covered by Bandori.

Author — blueflash 97


That moment when a YT video has better quality than the actual game.

Author — Ainchase Ishmael


The award for best looking clown goes to.... Hatsune Miku!!!! Seriously, I wish all clowns looked like this!!!! =^-^=

Author — Piper Jojo Stott


I don't like masks. they always hide the beauty behind.

Author — Vegard Grotnes Næstby


3:18 Is that a tear ? Please Miku don't cry :'(

Author — Litoel


I wouldn't mind running into this certain clown...

Author — AGMayaLPS


Miku's voice is so beautiful, so soft as an angel. ( * ° * )

Author — Alan Morais Godinho


I love how the animation is so clear and detailed

Author — Amanda Rose


how is she standing still on a moving platform

Author — Mister Jay


awww twintails don't cry plez

Edit: "changing changing changing im just scared scared of that" it's okay Miku all girls get their periods

Author — Melody Diarte


the boy in this song is nothing, but a cheap trick.. 😠😭

Author — Rika Chan


Anyone else came back here right after the Pastel Palettes cover announcement? I'm excited!!!

Author — nee sama


Ooh nice touch adding scenes from the Paris Cinena Girl pv to pad out the runtime. It fit perfectly, if you didn't know you would think they were part of the same pv. Although some parts where Miku was playing the piano were awkward when there was no piano on that part of the track but I do like this version of Karakuri Pierrot better.

Author — NattalaChao


Me: Enjoys song
Me: sees shadow at 2:04

Author — Citrusy Succulents