AWS Security - IAM (Part-1) | Users, Groups, Policy - Identity & Access Management

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AWS Security - IAM (Part-1) | Users, Groups, Policy - Identity & Access Management 5

AWS Identity & Access Management (Part 1)

User creation and usage
Policy - Managed and Inline - differences and usage
Groups - How to create and use
Detailed DEMO


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A very informative and nice tutorial. Was brief and covered topics decently. Thank you!

Author — Mohammed Furqan


Hai bro thanks for the videos, Here (IAM) topic playlist is having 17 videos, it s little confusing which video we should see video and which is next.please mention the order in each playlist it will be more helpful to the person who s learning from your site.

Author — Jagan Arumugam


Hi Sir,

I cleared AWS SA exam, thanks for your videos,

This is my almost 10th comment, i need one help from you..

How to migrate from On-premesis to AWS cloud things like VMs, database..i faced 2-3 interviews and this question was common...

Kindly help me and share some migration related details.



is it possible to limit an user to a region wise resource, Ex:
User name : martin, should have access only to an EC2 instance in mumbai, not to any other resources.

Author — rangesh venkatesan


Nice tutorial, how to add a new ftp user & give him a specific folder permission only on AWS EC2

Author — Gerard Williams


thanks sir very helpfull for me.
please upload videos on lakefromation, and glue and athena .

Author — gaurav n bhite


How can i implement IAM in virtual machines

Author — Seema Sharma


I need elastic beanstalk custom user access IAM policy ..
one IAM user, can access only one application in elastic beanstalk . Other applications will be not shown
How to create like this custom policy
Please advise me...

Author — aiyub khan


I'm a final year student, should i start learning cloud with this?

Author — Reena Tripathi


When we login as a user which password is used to log in to the console

Author — indu reddy


Hey, i had a question, what is Add tags while creating IAM user ?

Author — Kunal Damedhar


Please clarify my query.

How the IAM users will be billed. If i have 5 IAM users as part of my account. Who will pay for IAM users usage. Also will IAM user able to see for how much amount he has used the resources.

Author — Mohammed Lukman


hi, i have one doubt, why we need to delete root access key, plz reply

Author — Arun Kumar


Hello sir, I have created an IAM User "ABC" with full admin access. now i want "ABC" user would not be able to change outbound rules of security group.

is it possible ?

if yes then please guide.

Author — nishant sharma


Too many ads, that is why i dont like youtube.

Author — klyp


Hello Bro, I have created IAM policy and permission set for S3 services as said the same in the video. I am using the latest AWS console and I got this error as below .
You need permissions
You do not have the permission required to perform this operation. Ask your administrator to add permissions. Learn more
User: is not authorized to perform: iam:PutUserPolicy on resource: user iamtest

Author — an career


what all are the features / policies i need to add to give the access to a developer

Author — ADS Allways


Thanks Sir for this Great tutorial. Sir i have 1 doubt. what is difference between EBS and S3 bucket.

Author — Ajay Sharma


when I am doing add inline policy only JSON and visual editor is coming and not policy generator option.
is there anything i am missing.

Author — Pranav Gadkari


I have a power user account but it doesn't have access to iam:createRole, so it is possible for a powerUser to have that policy..?

Author — Monisha Gupta