Trump: If you want to leave America, you can leave America

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Trump: If you want to leave America, you can leave America 4.5
President Trump defends his tweets calling on Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to where they came from during an exchange with the press at the White House. #FoxNews

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He didn't say ALL Somalis should leave, or ALL Puerto Ricans should leave, or ALL Jamaicans should leave, etc. He was talking about those FOUR specific "law-makers" that hate America! How the HECK is that racist???

Author — Christmas Eve


I wish the lady in the background would be quiet. He never said force them to leave, he said they "can" leave of they like something better

Author — Charisse Lambert


😎 legally they are Americans they are right but in there hearts they are not. Trump 2020! 17.76'!

Author — John Tyler


Gets the steppin! If you dont like America

Author — Richard Padilla


He's not wrong on this one. Someone has to protect us

Author — Stephanie Parrish


*Holy Chit, watching this man Troll these Leftist Lunatics is like watching Michaelangelo Paint.* 👀🇺🇲🤡🔫🐸👌

Author — Cuck ButtFurd


One thing I respect about trump is he is BOLD AS HELL

Author — Darnell Jackson


Remember when all the famous people said they would leave America if Trump got They're ALL still here !🇺🇸

Author — crazy funny


Is USA of America


America is a continent not USA only


Author — Marcus Cortes


President Trump speaks like an ordinary citizen who is sick of this progressive communist socialist movement. Who the hell voted for these 4 crazy women anyway. That is the concerning part.

Author — John Healy


As a immigrant, Trump is completely correct on this. We immigrants come here for a better life so why would any true immigrant mock America and try to change it by pushing communism like the liberals do.

Author — Cool Smooth


Bravo, Mr. President. Trump / Pence 2020

Author — I Had A Bad Day


The PRESIDENT of the United State is speaking DO NOT TALK OVER HIM! Respect!

Author — Mike Anderson


Shut up lady. No one there cares to hear what you have to say. LEAVE WITH THE REST OF THEM! May god bless this country and the people that give the ultimate sacrifice. Take your "MR. PRESIDENT" and sit and spin on it.

Author — DUDE


In Nigeria you cannot talk to the local government chairman's PA like this.

Author — Gabriel Obateru


As someone who voted for Hillary, I've come to see how biased the news really is toward this man. I am now a Republican, and I will vote for America. Trump2020

Author — Joshua Fox


Like a boss would tell an employee.... if you don't like it leave.

Author — Paul Wyman


Remember when people called Trump a racist from 1980-2015? Yeah no one ever did. Now all of a sudden he’s a racist lol.

Author — Matt Johnson


Don't argue with idiots. Just speak louder lol

Author — Joshua Vasquez


President trump is not racist and he just speaks truth, well said trump,

Author — Heidi Stinton