Best Display Tech - QLED/OLED/MicroLED

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Best Display Tech - QLED/OLED/MicroLED 4.5
Uncovering the differences in the latest display technologies, such as QLED, OLED, and the newest MicroLED. Go behind the tech with me!

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Why does this guy keep saying DISSplay? It bugs my ears.

Автор — Ernest Parker


The QLED explanation is inaccurate.
The pixels are still basically LCD of the VA (vertical alignment) type. The quantum dot particles are placed between the backlight and the liquid crystals. What the quantum dots do is filter out scattered wavelengths from the LED backlight, and in the process letting through only the purest of pure whites. The light then passes through the usual polorizers, liquid crystals and RGB color filters. The particles also make the light brighter.
The result is color reproduction which is 99.6-99.9% of the sRGB color space. If we compare 1000 nits of brightness for all display types, we get more accurate colors than IPS LCD, slightly more accurate than recent OLED displays, and comparable to forthcoming microLED displays, but with a fraction of the cost.

Also, you cannot merge microLED with QLED because you need white light to begin with. MicroLED does not emit white light on its own, but white light is percepted by the combined full intensity of all three primary colors.

Автор — Eli Malinsky


God, the music used is just horrible. It sounds like a computer freezing up while playing a song

Автор — Damian Sosnowski


why don't you just say what the difference is? this is 80% of ballast talk, telling me what the tv is

Автор — Thomas Hunter


10k wow. there will be plenty of people forking out thousands for more shit they cant notice.

Автор — Seven.


Having a micro LED wall at home would be amazing until the first time you mistakenly walked into it

Автор — Shadow Banned


Having had x2 8K TVs from Samsung & now an LG C9, I couldnt return the 8K sets back fast enough.

Right now OLED is #1 (ofcourse it has flaws, all TVs do)

MicroLED could be amazing & has the potential to be #1. Though it's a few years away yet sadly.

Автор — Mark Dee


the future is microLED, it can hologram

Автор — artdhe nugroho


qled= led display + quamtum dot sheet(fake oled)

Автор — 강치우


The qled part is completely wrong, the pixels are not made from quantum dots. The tech is not there, yet. Samsung qled still uses an led panel, and a quantum dot film behind it which is activated by the blue led back light. It is part of the back light, giving a pure and bright back light. The viewing angle limitation is due to using a VA panel instead of an IPS panel. I recommend going to rtings.Com to learn a bit more before making a video like this. Sorry...

Автор — Michael van Tonder


QLed is junk. Microled is future. Oled should be much cheaper

Автор — Browarus Pierogus


Can’t wait to buy 220” 16K MicroLED TV

Автор — Slave Holder


Just when you thought you heard enough marketing terms for tvs, here comes along ULED.

Автор — BigFarma


I still have the panasonic plasma tv it great still working

Автор — Gickel Arasu


I'm more interested in response times for microLED. How fast or slow can we expect pixels to change?

Автор — treymtz


Until MicroLED comes out and it's good, i'm staying with OLED for a long time.

Автор — Dedric Silva


This is not a description of technology, this is marketing information from Samsung.

Автор — tubebyshock


To overcome burn in problem ask the TV channels to keep moving around the logo position in the four corners.

Автор — treatseaweed


Any info on cinema scale displays? (you know, several meters across)

Автор — Michie TN


I still have been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since I bought it around 2013. I does not have any burn-in. The screen is oled and remains impeccable.

Автор — Klaus Hermann