Brightline Construction: Orlando Line Progress - July 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

This Brightline construction update looks at the progress on the all new Orlando line. In it, I look at the track construction progress between Innovation Way and Cocoa. This is all being done as part of Brightline’s phase 2 expansion of passenger rail service from South Florida into the Orlando Market.

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This was filmed on July 10 and 31, 2022.

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The progress they've made on this is amazing, when is the estimated completion date for this part of the project? I love these videos, thanks for making them!

Author — bos2pdx2yvr


Right as I was thinking “Wonder how the Brightline Orlando construction is doing?”

I really think making it single track at first seems like a big mistake on Brightline’s part, the best business comes from frequent trains, and I don’t know if you can run very many trains a day on a single track. But maybe I’ll be proven wrong, who knows. Super excited, and definitely wanna ride on this line next year!

Author — MarioYoshi4723


Amazing work as always, Mr. Railfan. Thank you for documenting this great railroad

Author — BioKnight


It’s been 90 days since I drove along the 528, they’ve gotten a lot done. Good to see. Thanks for the update. 👍👍

Author — Microbyte


Looks like only about 5 miles more of rail left to deliver, and then it's skeletonize, ballast, and prepare for operations. It feels like the next time we'll see this from you is when Brightline tells you to come record the ceremonial completion of the track from end to end, or the first train movement from between the east and west sides!

Author — Rob Davidoff


Great video as always, they really give me a feel of these tracks, even from oversees!
Now, do you think Brightline is "on track" with the construction pace to open in December?
And is the whole Orlando Line actually single-track? I never realised that, they gonna have a real tight schedule :)

Author — PowGames


So excited seeing it getting done little by little with each update thank for yet another grt up date

Author — lazy lizzey


I was just in that area on the 31st. I passed by there while returning from a cruise vacation out of Port Canaveral. It's cool seeing that work from an aerial perspective.

Author — killingnyancats


Just one more gap to close in the ROW and it's a complete line. How exciting! Thanks for the wonderful update!

Author — J. Lewis


This section has come a long ways from the days when I mistook it for an extension of 528. I often drive under it at the 520/528 exchange. The single track on a double width bridge threw me for a loop, as I thought they were taking forever to add that second section. Now I know they are doing single track at first.

Author — Sancho Rim


Can’t wait to see it finished with trains running on it

Author — Spencer Adams


It is cool watching this project come along. You must be having a blast making these videos!

Author — Trish


Wow. They're pretty much done with the track laying. Now just laying rock and leveling and getting the green light and test runs to the airport can began.

Author — Bryce Stewart


I love those thunderstorms in the distance. I find these videos so relaxing.

Author — Luke Campos Brown


I enjoy the Brightline video series. Watching from Budapest, Hungary. When is this service expected to be launched to Orlando and is their any furthur future route expansion planned or being talked about in Florida? Or other East Coast states?

Author — Shannon Hultz


Do alligators ever get on the train tracks? Your videos are amazing and your drone work is awesome. Very enjoyable to watch!

Author — Valerie Bassett


Another great update, shows a LOT of work is yet to do!

Author — cheffy dave


The bridge foundations appear to be built with the option to add another track. That was smart. thanks Love the drone work I run these at 1.25 speed and I get a bit queasy but that's on me.

Author — K Magnussen


Another great video, the MUSIC in this one was AMAZING.

Author — Brian Bundridge


When I drove it last week, I'd guesstimate there is a rail-to-rail three mile "gap" yet to close.

Author — Maestro Mecanico