Canada IMP | Canadian Individual Meal Pack MRE Taste Test

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Canada IMP | Canadian Individual Meal Pack MRE Taste Test 5
Having my first taste of a Canadian military ration. It’s Menu #15 Chicken a la King on this episode of Emmy Eats a Canadian IMP on Emmymade in Japan. Big thanks to Gundog for sending this to me and for making this episode possible. :) New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday!

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we canadians be so savage, that our military eats a bag of pain with every meal.

Author — DarkLord PoChan


I've eaten many of these over my career Emmy!!

Few little tricks picked up over the years:

- don't use the bag for your juice. It's much better used as a dry bag to put your phone/camera/spare socks etc in!
- we usually open the main pack, take everything out of the boxes and repack the main pouch then it can roll up about half the size.
- each menu type is slightly different so we always swap things back and forth. Ie some come with jam some don't.
- if you place the bread pack (bag of pain lol) in the hot water for a bit it will steam the bread a little inside and make it much more edible.

Author — Dave L


Reese's pieces, two packs of peanut butter, hot chocolate?
Canadian military must really love peanut butter and chocolate. XD

Author — Scout Trooper 0073


America MRE:Meal Ready to eat
Russian MRE:Meal Ready to eat you
Canada MRE:Say sorry before you eat

Author — Ainsley Ross


When you said ' bag of Pain ' i took me a while to get he joke since im french canadian haha

Author — BKaitsuki


Emmy's always so optimistic, instead of being upset that the orange drink spilled.. she used it as an impromptu chance to try the napkin that came with the IMP (: I love optimism, I try to live my life this way! Also, a pig tailed Emmy is an adorable Emmy ^ _ ^

Author — Dominoe Harlee


You forgot to say, "Itadakimasu." My favorite part.

Author — Scott K


The "bag of pain" part had me giggling. 🙊 You know in Remember the Titans when Denzel Washington's character is yelling at the team during workouts? "WHAT IS PAIN?! FRENCH BREAD!" 😂

Author — hme2013


I was dying at 3:44 she was so calm tho

Author — Mr Needles


Baxter's is a UK food company established 147 years ago. Most well known for their tinned soups, they also produce preserves and pickles, and now apparently MREs.

Author — Paul Ellis


When she started eating the fruit cocktail and said that it wasn't that good I was like why don't you put some hot sauce on it lol

Author — Brianna Lowe


I love to see Canadian stuff on here! Makes me proud to be Canadian hehe ^_^

Author — miku


W00t Canada!!

I've eaten many of these as a teen in cadets although Chicken a la king was not one of the menu's back then. Also the company who made the main part of the meal I think was freddychef if I recall properly (long long time ago in the 90s :P )

Some of my favorites was sausages and hash browns (breakfast), Cabbage rolls (lunch) Hungarian goulash and the chicken breast (it came in broth and you got a packet of stuffing to dump in YUM!

Back then the peanut butter and honey came in tubes and you could reseal it - I would eat peanut butter right out of the tube in winter as a snack to keep energy to stay warm! fond memories!

Author — blackraven1515


have u ever gotten sick from anything you ate?

Author — seraphxl18


i really wish i could know why videos like these get doesnt deserve a downvote by any means imo.

Author — farijuana


I always click so fast when I see a military ration tasting. I love them.

Author — momoringluv


I'm surprised that the cooking instructions called for a pan of boiling water. I would think that cookware would be a bit hard to come by in the field.

Author — John Maloney


Of all the people I've seen mix drinks in a bag, you were the last one I'd expect to spill it.

Well done Emmy :)

Author — Dom B


I've never seen anyone who's done such an in depth review on a resees candy xD

Author — Kiki Chu


Surprised they didn't put maple syrup in the pack :/

Author — Dylan Chew