Flacq, Flacq, Mauritius (The town with 2 of everything)

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Friendly Flacq has two of almost everything, KFC, Winners, Galaxy, telecom, Ipanema, B&S, Island Haze...The list is almost endless. But what it has most is double friendly locals. A must visit when school lets out or anytime. Named after the Dutch word for flat, vlakt.

0:00 Intro
0:06 Montage
0:25 Start
0:46 Drive into town
0:59 Poste de Flacq river
2:10 Central Flacq Market, the biggest open-air market in Mauritius
4:21 Bus terminal.
4:52 VIP Commercial Center, shopping mall
5:44 Peace monument
6:42 Evergreen public gardens
9:21 Taxi parking zone (Huge)
9:54 Pedestrian bridges and river walkway
11:03 Walking the streets of the town
11:45 Flacq District Court (Courthouse on the old map 1820)
14:07 Plants will grow anywhere
14:24 The old bridge
14:56 Central Flacq Jummah Masjid (very old mosque, but I mess up the recording.)
16:45 Old and new builds, with shops
17:56 Rome ruins found in Mauritius (haha)
18:14 Road markings and walking down streets
19:18 Eglise Sainte Ursule church
20:40 Walking Royal road to music, tons of shopping
21:08 A congress of dogs in the gondola (a pack)
21:35 Back on the streets, being followed by locals and checking out shops
23:16 More doing stuff to music
23:58 Central Flacq KFC
24:34 How Flacq got its name (Vlakt from the Dutch)
25:01 Driving to Super U
25:19 I do a TikTok in the middle of the road
26:10 We finally enter Flacq coeur de ville shopping center, showing stuff to music
26:56 I point out Mcdonald's but Riki can't see it
27:17 We eat at KFC Super U to music
28:06 Flacq fire station
29:24 I tell the story of Madame Françoise (Maroon warrior and suspected Amazon princess)
30:52 Outro
31:11 We drive off.

Thanks for watching.

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There is more of Flacq to discover, it is a big village.

Author — Riki Armstrong


Hi Bryan really enjoy the literature that goes with the sight seeing & the places that not many tourists visit. Well done both of you. 👍

Author — Vikash Sookun


So much to see in Mauritius and this was another journey filled with interesting information. Thanks guys.

Author — Sheila A


your well made documentaries make my day. looking forward to the next one already.

Author — kevinair


Hello guys 👋,
Very well documented.
Thank you for reviving us our own country 😇.
Great job !
God bless u Both ❤.

Author — Kainaat Aundoo


Thank you guys for this great video, 40 years ago I was a primary student at the govt school in flacq, shortly after I immigrated to Canada. From your video I only recognize the old court house. What a change!!!! Thanks again!!

Author — A B


one things is common in temples churches and mosques and that is the peaceful atmosphere....stay bless guys....

Author — the last one


Another fantastic video, you guys are fantastic love visiting Mauritius my partner is from there and we love watching your videos when we are stuck in lockdown In Ireland it reminds us of home . Keep up the fantastic work .

Author — Keith Tunnah


Bryan thank you for showing us the mosque it is amazingly beautiful. Very impressive. 👍

Author — Spencer


Wow Awesome amazing place. I didn't even know places like that exist in Mauritius

Author — comodor666


Very nice place to spend a day in Mauritius. You can also buy some gifts from flaq market to remember Mauritius always. 🇲🇺🤗

Author — dishant rathor


Hi Bryan and Riki. I am originally from Flacq. I used to teach Modern College in 1970. Just want to add the octagonal extension to the court house used to be the old Post Office, the church is St. Ursule Roman Catholic and the KFC opposite Modern College is one of the first to open in Mauritius. Great to see your videos on YouTube. Unfortunately due to the corona pandemic, I have not been able to travel to Mauritius. I was last there in Nov. 2019. Keep enjoying your stay in Mauritius and stay safe.

Author — Mahes Boodhoo


Love that you also go into some of the history of the contentyou show in your videos

Author — Ben Dover


So good to see Flacq..in Mauritius. So good to see..thank you Guys ...

Author — Mantee Deeljur


thank you for showing some interesting areas around the island.

Author — ahmed chiadmi


Hey there... Surprised to see this video here, didn't expect... Saw you walking and filming in Flacq.. Hope you are having a great time out here... Cheers..

Author — Sawan Seeruttun


The largest district in Mauritius!, once again thanks a lot for this wonderful tour, sweet memories.. .

Author — Issa Khodadin


Thank you very much for showing our village of Central Flacq guys

Author — Renu Bahadoor


I have to laugh! I don't know if it was this video or the one I watched before where you couldn't find anything to drink but now this one has so many juice places hahaha

Author — Amanda'stakeonit


That’s awesome! Keep up the good videos! We would love to see curepipe next.

Author — Tania Gracelez