DHL Airbus A300 Struck By Missile, Baghdad

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DHL Airbus A300 Struck By Missile, Baghdad 4.5

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great video, well told and x plane sim footage

Author — leokimvideo


As a commercial pilot of over 40 years... I BOW to these guys. Holy crap Batman! These pilots did the near impossible... I've tried turning off all hydraulics airborne, in a 757 a simulator. I had NO ONE shooting at me and no structural damage, worsening fuel imbalance, or abnormal flight characteristics. It was extremely difficult to land, especially controlling the pitch with only speed changes. I was only successful once out of 3 attempts. I can't tell you what respect I have for these pilots. Amazing piece of airmanship!!!

Author — Rick Price


Now I know why my package never arrived home 😔

Author — Yassine


I was really honoured to know the captain years ago.

Author — Carmelo D'Amico


Amazing the plane can handle such things with a load as heavy as the crews balls...

Author — N NN


Those guys are some skilled pilots! That's incredible!

Author — SKilledP0TATO


forget X-plane. this is something ive never seen or heard of. um wow! amazing landing.

Author — Swissflier101


I WANT THOSE MEN PILOTING MY NEXT FLIGHT! I wonder if they had to replace the seats do to pucker damage?

Author — room-ten-oh-nine !


Yes! Exactly! I was thinking the same thing. Almost duplicate situation to United Airlines Flight 232. Captain Al Haynes of that United Flight called Captain Sullenberger after the Hudson River crash landing.

Author — aviationwatcher33


hmmm...didn't know airbus could look like a 777 in simulation, triple boogie?, tail cone and apu compt.

Author — Shopping4coconuts


Wow! I'd love to meet those guys....some people just find a way to get it done!

Author — Steve Ray


We've lost all hydraulics on all control surfaces, it's impossible to fly this jet

Hold my stick...errr

Author — Paracelsus


Your comment refers to the July, 1989, crash of United Airlines flight 232 (a DC-10), which lost hydraulics after suffering uncontained failure of the aircraft's tail-mounted engine. The jet was flown on the two remaining wing-mounted engines to a crash landing in Sioux City, Iowa where 111 of the 296 aboard died. The crew of that flight are often held in high regard for the 185 that survived.

Author — AVweb


An outstanding report indeed!! "Earning their right to keep on a awesome statement right there!!

Author — SMaze17


Yeah, amen bro., , I can damn well tell you that I wouldn't have been able to do it.

Author — David Meeker


Haha! I was thinking more along the lines of cables. But in this scenario... counter-measures would have helped.

Author — evoteck


Damn!!! They were keeping so calm...still using "please" and "thank you" while communicating with the tower. I'd have shit my pants. They probably their

Author — T Allen


Truly amazing!
To think, they tried to escape a crashed plan only to run into a mine field.

I hope they are at home with there families relaxing. I'm sure the experience took a few hours off of there life span.

Author — Sterling Archer


The C130 I was riding on in to Baghdad after taking leave was shot at with an RPG. Talk about a wild ride and man were we close to the ground. Great pilots!!
Was a little grumpy after that when rolling out on patrol.

Author — LetsFlyWa


Damn, talk about skill! These guys are 3 lucky sons of guns!

Author — BillCosbyEatsBabies