'Everything happens for a reason' -- and other lies I've loved | Kate Bowler

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'Everything happens for a reason' -- and other lies I've loved | Kate Bowler 5
In life's toughest moments, how do you go on living? Kate Bowler has been exploring this question ever since she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer at age 35. In a profound, heartbreaking and unexpectedly funny talk, she offers some answers -- challenging the idea that "everything happens for a reason" and sharing hard-won wisdom about how to make sense of the world after your life is suddenly, completely changed. "I believe that in the darkness, even there, there will be beauty and there will be love," she says.

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"I'm learning to live and love
without counting the cost
Without reasons and assurances that nothing will be lost" ❤🎐

Author — Vinodhini Kalidhasan


I am reminded of marcus aurelius' quote: "Death and life, success and failure, pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty, all these happen to good and bad alike, and they are neither noble nor shameful – and hence neither good nor bad"

Author — Anna


“We want to live in a world where nothing is lost.”

Like an arrow through the heart.

Author — LuqmanLSG


Reasons? Life. Anything can happen to us regardless of our previous actions. Some people do evil all their lives and live long and happy without any troubles coming their way.
Should we do/be 'good' expecting a reward? Or feeling like we're a good person? No. Maybe we should do good because it feels good to us.
She is very eloquent and managed her tears pretty well for such an emotional topic.

Author — 1ailAlia1


This is one of the most beautiful and honest speeches I've ever heard on TED! You are a brave, intelligent and very deep person! ❤

Author — Lesia Kali


Any time someone says "everything happens for a reason", I feel like punching them in the face. Just me?

Author — godisnotgr8


"I believe that in the darkness, even there, there will be beauty and there will be love. And every now and then, it will feel like more than enough".
Thank you, honey, for this beautiful words!

Author — Bella Jurić


A courageous woman, beautifully articulate, poetry in motion: “I am learning to live and to love without counting the cost, without reasons and assurances that nothing will be lost.”

Author — tommy v


This video was, beautiful, touching and so incredibly terrifying.

Author — thereleast argon


I’ve seen so many Ted talks. This is one of the best. How this talented, wonderful woman holds it together for the duration of this poignant talk is inspiring. I love her x

Author — Christine L.M


“Life will break your heart.” Radical acceptance has helped me immensely. It is so easy to observe others and make assumptions about how much someone has endured. The truth is that we will all experience trauma. The mistake we make is comparing it to someone else’s. Tread lightly and live compassionately. 🌹

Author — Bethany Saxton


"I have committed zero homicides to date"

Author — Blinding 'Light


People love to victim blame because they think it protects them as long as they don't do anything "wrong". A completely human reaction, but it causes so much pain to victims.

Author — orange pulp


"I'd love to hear it." I'm so using that.

Author — Theresa C


The fact is that life is random and we only have some minor control over our circumstances. Your starting point in time, the family you are part of, the country you live in, and the genetic heritage you are given is completely out of your control. Even the random things that will occur around you are not within your control - either to predict or avoid. All you can even hope to control is what happens here and now in this moment. There is no outside force micromanaging your existence. In 2012 my father died after 4 months fighting an infection due to a failed surgery. The surgery was supposed to be a routine polyp removal. I neither blame God nor the surgeons for what happened. It was merely the randomness of death that struck. I mourned his passing, but did not need to place blame on anyone. I think it is a childish conceit to think that we are special and that we are "blessed". The reality is we live on a speck of dust in a huge and vast universe. That may sound like a very lonely statement to make - but it makes me feel free. I will take responsibility for the moments I have and live them fully. That is all that anyone can do.

Author — Brian H


I think life is to complex, and varied to make any kind of sweeping generalizations about anything. For some people some things will hold true, for others the opposite.

Author — Michael Cook


"Life is suffering." -- Buddha

Author — Libor Tinka


Confirmation bias is the obligatory ground stone of every religion.

Author — MetallicReg


"I am learning to live and love without counting the cost" such a nice and touching words.

Author — Mohammed H. Ahmed


I think one of the things that we rarely truly accept is that we are always dying

Author — Mu You