10 Biggest Animals In The World

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10 Biggest Animals In The World

I’m pretty confident to say that all of us here love animals! Whether it’s your pet at home or an animal you spot at the zoo or during a safari trip, I’m sure you have a favorite animal! Today I’ll be showing you 10 of the biggest animals in the world! Get ready for some big insects, big reptiles and big mammals - the animal kingdom is taking over today.

Do you know what’s the biggest animal on Earth? If you are good at biology, you might know who’s the number one on this list! And if you don’t know the answer, then today is the day to find out! Whether you’re an expert in animals or not, I’m sure you’ll have fun watching this video. Stay with me all the way to the end to find out some crazy facts about them.

The Goliath Frog

The name of this frog speaks for itself. If you think frogs are scary, wait until you meet the Goliath Frog. This amphibian is so big that sometimes it can reach the same size of a domestic cat! And with a frog this big you can only expect a lot of crazy high jumps as well - the goliath frogs can reach heights of up to 3 meters as they leap around! They can easily jump over your head if they wanted to. But don’t expect any noise from them. These frogs are mute.

Other names for this frog are “Goliath Bullfrog” and “Giant Slippery Frog.” You can find them around Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in a very limited space. Their habitat is slowly being destroyed due to pet trading and other industries that threaten their space. I understand they’re exotic and interesting animals, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they should be left alone in the little habitat they have.


If we took into account all the birds that have existed, the one on this list wouldn’t be here. An extinct version of the albatross was the largest bird on Earth at some point. But today on this list I’m giving you: The Ostrich, the largest living bird. They can be as high as 2.7 meters and weight as much as 344 pounds. Not only their bodies are large, but their eyes are also the largest bird eyes ever - they are 5 centimeters long! Ostriches don’t fly, but they are known to be good runners, which comes in handy when predators or humans come around to mess with them - but they could easily kill you with one kick if they wanted to. If we want to keep them as the largest birds on Earth, we gotta take better care of them. Their population has significantly decreased over the last 200 years and most of the remaining ostriches in the world are in farms and parks.


This list wouldn’t be complete without the tallest animal dwelling on land: The Giraffe. With a neck as high as 1.8 meters tall, these animals live off vegetation in high trees where other animals can’t easily reach. These animals are tall even from the moment they are born! Baby Giraffes can be 2 meters high, which is taller than most of us humans. The tallest giraffe ever, whose name was George, was already taller than 5 meters at age nine! But there was another Giraffe named Zulu at a British zoo and Zulu was close to 6 meters high! Unfortunately, Zulu passed away before documenting his height in the book of Guinness World Records.

A cool fact about these animals is that each Giraffe has a distinct spotted coat, which is similar to our fingerprints - no two giraffes have the same pattern! This feature allows them to be easily individually identified. Although they’re a very common sight at any zoo, Giraffes can also be found in the wild throughout the Eastern and Southern parts of the African continent.

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