Samurai Spirits 64 (侍魂) - Haohmaru 1CC (Easy Rank / Not MAME)

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Samurai Spirits 64 (侍魂) - Haohmaru 1CC / Not MAME
Rank : Easy / This game movie is based on my Real Hardware.
** 프레임마이스터를 사용하여 RGB변환. 기판은 정상적으로 동작하지만, 우측으로 치우친 화면이 출력됩니다. / フレームマイスター(Framemeister)を使って RGB変換。 基板は正常に動作するが、右側でかたよった画面が出力されます。/ I converted RGB using framemeister. The PCB works normally, but a partial screen is output on the right side by a screen.

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Aye, great video!

Still for some reason I thought the fight against Yuga had like two parts, where you fight against two forms of Yuga, a male one and a winged female one?

Author — warellis


I Wish I Could Play This Game :(

Thanks for Sharing

Author — Osvaldo Nicolau